WTB Character 24B budget

Not looking for anyhing highly specific. SP is king.

https://zcharboard.ru/capsuleer/2118390867 can u follow that link. its a 36m sp proteus and loki pilot. im jsut curious on how much you think its worth.

3 killrights.
all clones in hisec.
in jita.
2 remaps

Unfortunately, the link is not working for me

Brian Kane Szymczaks Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App try this one

Now it is working.
What did you use this character for?

i primarily use it in a proteus fit but i can also go ratting with it in an ishtar. and use minmatar dictors. did that answer your question? in a way its like a jack of all trades skillbuild.

Thank you, Ill think about it:)


A Minmatar soldier, 26.1M sp, can fly Muninn, Loki, Vargur and more

Thanks for the offer, but this isnt what I am looking for.

How much are you looking for?

Since it’s a marauder specialization clone, I’m looking for 0.9B per 1m SP, 23.4B in total. If this character meets your requirement, 23B will be okay. Let me know if you have any doubts about it.

you said you’d think about it. i take it you’re not interested in my character?

I am sorry, I like your character, for the right price, we could make a deal :slight_smile:

what price did you have in mind?

Bought. Thanks for the offers

Closed at OP’s Request.