Version 18.05 - Known Issues

Can someone tell me with steps how to do this I’m actually not a computer expert

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On a Windows 7 machine:

  1. First you need to locate the correct “EVE” folder, the one that contains the actual program. For some weird reason the search function under the Start button didn’t show the one I needed so here’s a very general way of performing searches : log out of Eve and close the Eve launcher, minimize all programs, click on a free spot on your desktop and then press F3. This will open the Search window. In the top right corner is a search box. Type the following in that box: “EVE” kind:=folder or just type “EVE” (quotes included) and add the filter for folder by clicking on Kind and selecting Folder (1). The engine may already start showing some results. You also see a bit lower in the main part of the search window “Search again in:”, followed by several icons. Click the one called “Computer” (2). The search now extends to all your hard drives/partitions defined on your computer. You may have to select “Details” (3) to get a similar view as below in the screenshot. Let the search run its course, marked by the green progress bar. It may take a while depending on your machine, indexing etc.
  2. You will probably see three folders called EVE: one is a subfolder in MyDocuments (contains screenshots, chat logs, portraits, etc), another one is a subfolder in a folder called CCP. The third one - which on my machine is in the root directory of the C: drive is the one you need.

    Right click it in the search result and select “open in new window”.
  3. If you have the correct EVE folder it should look like this.

    The two subfolders you see, Launcher and Shared Cache contain the two files we need. Right click the Launcher folder and open it in a new window. Find the file called evelauncher.exe,
    right click it and select Properties (bottom option in the dropdown).
  4. Select the Compatibility tab. Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for” (1), pick Windows 7 from the list (2) and hit the OK button (3).
    Close the window of the Launcher folder.
  5. Rightclick the Shared Cache folder you found earlier and again open in a new window. It will have a subfolder called tq (stands for the tranquility server)
    Doubleclick the tq folder. Locate the file eve.exe, and as previously, rightclick, Properties, Compatibility tab, check the box, pick Windows 7 and hit the OK button.
  6. Close all those windows, fire up the launcher, log in and enjoy sounds (and a tiny bit of performance issues as well but hey, it works, right ?)

Hope this helped. If it didn’t you can convo or mail me in game.


Thanks for showing the steps the job is alot easier now…Ill try it as soon as I renew my WiFi
(Yeah I got no WiFi rn)

This has worked for me with Windows 10 for the sound.

  1. Enter your game client.
  2. Open your audio settings
  3. Disable “Audio Enabled”
  4. Re-enable “Audio Enabled” (you should get a prompt that the client needs to be restarted to get full effect)
  5. Completely close your client.
  6. Reopen the client.

I had to do this twice to get all of the sounds back. I noticed that the first time I got my main menu sounds back and the second time I got basically everything else back as well. If this works for you, spread the word (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

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it’s not just you. I tried what you guys are talking about and it massively increased my lag in space with 3 toons… reverted back to no compatibility mode shenanigans in Windows 7 and back to normal levels of lag, definitely better.

The Log-Off to char screen feature doesn’t work for me. On two different PCs with completely different hardware, if I select and confirm, nothing happens. Anybody?

A heads up for those who used the Win7 temp fix via compatibility settings, as mentioned a few posts back: the devs rolled out a fix today, so you should revert the changes (uncheck the compatibility mode check box for the two files before you use the launcher and log in),

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I thought like that as well

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They fixed the issue finally…Thanks CCP :slight_smile: