Version 18.12 - General Feedback

How does the drone assist change eliminate multibox ratting? Are you saying you cannot complete the same task multiple times (lock and direct drones). That seems unlikely.

Or are you simply saying that you liked your gameplay the way it was and any changes will lead to you walking away.

CCP is in the process of making just about everything in EVE more painful. They seem to think it’s a good idea. Welcome to the party…station owners, miners, people who like resist mods, and many others bid you welcome : )

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For multiboxers who use two-windows setup it will be simple switch from two drone damage dealing ships to one gun/missile all-about-damage battleship plus logi, I believe Vindicator + Scimitar setups will be quite popular, for example.

again, using drone assist is NOT afk ratting. to answer others, the need to retarget and apply aggro across multiple screens every time you kill a frigate is just not worth the effort . it is work, not play. we have already seen players drop accounts over it. to those that say good riddance, remember, those were your gank targets. If CCP truly does want a tougher player base then they need to accept that it will be smaller as well. I love this game and will continue to play but i hate seeing so many friends leaving or letting accounts go alpha…

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Thank you for the killed mining R.I.P EVE 0/

but wait. they added guaranteed belts with small rocks that help you waste time with unfinished cycles and movement. (all they really needed to to as a carrot was make the rocks bigger in the existing belts)

increasing the volume of ore but making it harder to mine is just a cruel joke

Hi everyone,

I have updated the original forum topic regarding drone behavior changes with the following statement, and I’m cross-posting it here for visibility.

A lot of healthy conversation surrounding the recent drone change is happening and we have been monitoring and discussing your feedback internally.

Our goal is to make PvE activities with drones a more attentive player experience that relies less on low or no attention gameplay moving forward, but the unintended impact on how the drone assist functions in certain scenarios is something we are not happy with. For this reason, we will be changing the drone behavior back to how it was before Tuesday’s patch in an upcoming deployment. We should have news for you on timing tomorrow.

We gathered a lot of valuable data and feedback from you and the CSM in the last couple of weeks on this matter and would like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us.

Fly safe! o7


thanks , nice to see an actual response


It has to specifically be the new Event related sites if you check the details for the tasks

Thanks for the update @CCP_Paradox

Perhaps moving forward when these type of potentially wide sweeping changes are going in we can get a bit of a heads up, get hands on in singularity so we can find more edge cases.

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You have a lot of sandcastles to repair. :slightly_smiling_face: Rapid nerfs for 2020 is really hard to handle for many players. Thanks for the update. Drones are not just some weapons. Players accept it or not,players have a different attachment to drones.

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And once again, CCP gives in to the null sec ratters…two for two now.


Your changes are not very alt/mutlibox friendly. Maybe the middle ground is to make the drones manual target but to allow drone assists.

I really cannot feasibly multibox with all the manual targeting for all the drones for all accounts. Thank you for reverting it.

I like the right click context menu change, made my day

We have said it BEFORE you make the update.
Just read before make update. And don’t read people who are trolling, read people who explain issue of all you’re update.

Now rollback all other change you have done since blackout and we could start to make eve great again.


those rapidly unsub their alt are now kicking some


No, it is definitely good riddance. Eve online is not WoW, but has started to look like it. Tougher players are never going to stick around the game with the constant salt mine of crying. That said this implementation was buggy and needed to be rolled back. sometimes bad software updates happen. If you want them to never happen, then you hire someone like sap, oracle or IBM to write software that costs 20 times more than equivalent offerings from someone else. I know the excitement over this post is not over drone assist coming back, but the belief that auto aggro will be permanent. Don’t see that happening.


you mean make eve WoW again

Fix drone auto attack already. Its impossible PVE in these circumstances. All drone ship r useless!!!

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No just make Eve great again.
A lot of actual change are good idea but bad implementation. They need more work before go live. So revert all, take time to make good implementation.

I m pretty sure it’s due to player like you who troll on everything they don’t read serious player feedback.

Maybe just revert it and don’t touch it? We can come back to this once you provide better PVE.