Version 19.03 - General Feedback

Hello there,

Our monthly update (Version 19.03) is live! Please use this thread for general feedback and discussion on anything released in this version. To promote a thoughtful discussion we will be enabling 15 mins Slow Mode in this thread for a week.

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Regarding the Audio fixes: Now you just need to fix the extremely loud Target Painter volume.


So, no changes to WHs in with this patch? :frowning:

This is from The Forge
Is this intentional? or did CCP forget to seed some BPOs? :smiley:
Asking for a friend


Maybe they are not seeded in the forge

Adjusted Dynamic Bounty System threshold margins

What does this mean?

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Added the option to ‘Include Jump Bridges in Route’ when using Autopilot, this can be toggled On/Off in the Autopilot options.

Was a little confused by this - in my mind, it implied that it would work only when actually using autopilot.

“Added the option to ‘Include Jump Bridges in Route’, which can be toggled On/Off in the Autopilot options” might be clearer.


Is there a way to remove these new pointless notification things?


No SDE release yet. Please make it happen.


Still waiting for Salvaging to be made into a viable career path. I thought with the release of new Salvaging drones a few weeks back, it might be signaling a shift to allow capsuleers to scan down wrecks for scavenging. Dare to dream!


Change to ESS without the change to cloaky camping? They should have come at the same time.

  • Removed empty Asteroid Belts that have no asteroids left available.

So null NPC systems totally useless now? The sites in the system I use are useless - not enough income from these, as it will mess with my Angel Cartel standing…

Not everyone wants to live in sov npc.


:blue_square: They are not listed in Domain either and there are lots of Amarr Navy, Zoar and Sons, ChemalTech, Freedom Extension, Impetus and other corps in the region.

Also: It’s Mordu’s Legion, not Modru’s Legion

Have you not read the dev blog? they’re adding 50 new materials and blue prints to make industry “easyer” - ofcourse you have to travel 300 jumps to get them all


Added the option to ‘Include Jump Bridges in Route’ when using Autopilot, this can be toggled On/Off in the Autopilot options.

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

… what does “security penalty” do?

Yeah I believe the ones I cannot find are with ORE or Mordu’s Legion, in NPC NS

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Instead of pushing blue boxes and red dots on us, would it be an option to make a downloadable sheet with a breakdown of the UI (“which button is where”) that you send to registering emails from new players or make available via the eve website ? It’s less work for the programmers, has minimal upkeep and is less annoying to the rest of us.

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CCP will you let us know before Part 2 patch will go live?

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5ZXX-K for Mordu’s Legion, they seem to have only the one station.
4C-B7X and NM-OEA for ORE (2 stations in both systems).
At least from the ingame search results the new bp’s are listed there

And yay for slow mode, let’s throttle the communication.

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I don’t think that is a good idea, no need to crash the salvage market any further than it already has been.