Version 21.03 - Known Issues

Missile launcher firing audio missing and missile animation do not match the launcher Intermittently when attack target. First round seems normal, second round no audio and the missile just flies in a straight line in the ship nose direction, third round normal,then no audio again…and so on…I found this issue on Enforcer、Caracal with light/heavy missile launcher.

When will this bug be fixed?

Lately I’ve been experiencing sound issues . It goes on and off unexpectedly at random times. I haven’t figured out a pattern that might cause this issue.

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On French client, Besieged State Laboratory and Waylaid State Couriers sites have the same and wrong anomaly name (Portail stellaire de contrebandiers confisqué).

doesn’t work on win11. regardless of whether launched from steam or the downloaded client. never lasts more than a couple seconds into downloading the initial few gigs of data. top job!


Awesome! Finally these dumb Dailies are gone! Great change, CCP! And the ESS is gone, too. Even better. Sadly, at least the ESS came back after a gate jump. :frowning:

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(post deleted by author)

Fitting window does not show loaded bombs while docked. I just dropped a few bombs into my bomb launcher and it shows empty, both in the fitting window and the module tooltip. When I undock, the bomb launcher shows loaded with bombs.

#CCPQualityCoding at work again. Alphabetical order does not do what it is supposed to do anymore.

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I feel like the drones just don’t care about the focus fire option. They are constantly spread out, and I constantly need to click F to make sure they all attack the same target.


This. It started a while ago, looks like the drones don’t follow the same server tics (or whichever timepoint makes them look for the next target) anymore.

Responses from warp initiation etc also feel more sluggish, as if the client / server response times are increased. Any way of measuring this ?

i have similar strange behaviour for my ship when i keep-at-range on something, then want to align out, click in space, and eventually find out that ship is not following order any more but fall back into keep-at-range

When lasers (pulse or beam) are grouped and using tech 2 ammo, about 50% of the time auto reload fails even with correct ammo in cargo bay, they have to be reloaded with another ammo or ungrouped and reloaded. I have submitted a bug report.

its very old bug. 10 years atleast. You have to wait until the cycle is complete. i.e. the bar around the module will completely disappear.
You may also have a bug with gun grouping. if you group guns in the dock, in the fitting window, they sometimes break. it is best group guns outside the dock and manually. by dragging one on top of the other.

I hope they intend on fixing it. Its extremely annoying especially in pvp.

Something is borked again/still with the character search. I am looking at a character called “Sola Sola Sola”, I literally have its char info open. But the game cannot find the character with other means. Not with the Seach box, not with the Contracts search. The only way to find this character is via the Contact search and the setting “Only Exact Phrase”. However, this is pointless because the setting apparently does not apply to the Search box or the Contracts search. If I try to find contracts of this character, the game just gives me 499 chars with “sola” anywhere in the name but the Sola char I am looking for is not among them. Is this another instance where the game mechanics “reduce cognitive overload, make the game easier to use and the experience more streamlined”?

Likewise: Why does the game need to search for a character anyway when I want to find contracts from the Char Info window? Not only is this bugged as the Contract search requires me to select the character 2 times (this has been an issue for years now and CCP ignored all initial reports since), but it also feels wholly unnecessary because I open the contract search from a menu window that already provides the unique character ID to the system.

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Screen Shot 04-20-23 at 02.09 PM

New feature: Quantum industry.


The new Anchorage stations are horribly laggy on the outside.
For example: undocking from Onnamon VII - Caldari Navy Anchorage tanks my fps down to 1-2 range for 5-10 seconds. Almost as bad is warping to the station.
what are you playing at.

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