Very constructive thought about Faction Warfare

I have been feeling a bit uncomfortable while playing Faction Warfare. Why do all the battle locations of the faction warfare take place in the deep space of the universe? I have seen some very strange shaped buildings in the universe. According to reason, shouldn’t these space stations (listening post) orbit around a certain planet? Isn’t it more in line with common sense? Maybe we should place the battle location on the orbit around planets of each star system and make all planets the target that faction warfare players compete for and bring the battle to the ground.

Spawn battlefields and plexes much closer to planets and suns some of the time?

I am afraid you cant make space structures near suns. It might get too hot.

How boring

EVE trailers beg to differ. Look at the listening post in Misaba in the Prophecy trailer.


Did you recognize celestial are not moving? It would be an unnecessary reduction of geographical possibilities, which create strategies and tactic.

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“Deep Space”?

LS is Not Deep Space.

DEEP SPACE. is Wormhole space where you are millions of AU away. Or NS space as it is called “the frontier”

You don’t syfy much don’t you? :sweat_smile:

Once Vanguard is released and contributing to the game, it would make a lot of sense to put some battlegrounds over impacted planets again to connect both unfolding situations better.

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which syfy?

Any syfy with deep space outposts or empires studying the sun. What am I some nerd that knows this by heart? :joy:

It’s common to have outposts near the sun. Source? I said so.

Stellaris released an entire DLC expansion on blowing up the sun. EVE did trig stuff. Probably find this in Star Trek also.

I think it is great idea! I want to do more planet colonies in the territory that are controlled by my faction.

Would be an interesting aspect to FW or pirate factions tbh to have PI in systems at the frontlines worth more towards the faction if making certain PI items that need to be transported to the FOBs or other HQ citadels/stations. Wouldnt need much of a rewrite and think of it as a manufacturing and development issue much like mining for the factions in high sec that was used for the old system, I forget the name of it off hand, where you could mine and haul and do missions to get ships and their fittings in a loot box as an LP style reward. Just have PI be a part of that in the warzone.

Shouldnt we, at least in this game, set a boundry for bullshiting. I am not being afraid of things getting to boring, it is problematical I feel when I play this game. The cliché is boring to some might be fresh to new players and those one who loves it. Depends on levle of freedoms in eve world. I love to see creative drama in syfy in and eveonline provides a warm bed for all possibilities.

All MMOS get boring after awhile of doing the same event loops. Just reality sadly.

You are not wrong about that.
Repost just want more people to see, there are a lot potential to develop eve gameplay around planets.

It will be the same content eventually.

Just like how people have wanted ship interiors in Elite Dangerous for 40 years. :laughing:

Duh That’s why we have Vanguard

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