Very long, often failed update

Hi everyone!
Im not sure what is going on, but I have been downloading the newest update for about six and a half hours now.
Its failed (simply stopped) several times and now as its nearly finished Im seeing this:

Im not sure what to do here, somethings screwy!

Cheers, and thanks for any help,
Mealea Ying

[EDIT] I just stopped it by killing the launcher again and its again trying to download more than 500 megabytes.
This has been happening over and over, though the initial update was well over 1gb.

Same here stuck at 447.73MB on 2nd try, the first time watched the download speed drop about 1KB/s every second from ~600kB/s dow to 192 when it just stopped

Must be your local internet connection. I downloaded and installed the update in about a minute…

Lucky you all other internet connections appear normal

I have had 2 failed download attempts. Now the launcher shows all good, but the client opens and the screen stays black.

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