Veteran Industrialist Looking for purpose in Eve

Ok, So I’ll keep this short. I’m currently debating on pulling chalks and taking a dive into something deep, but to do that I need the oppertuinity. Although I’m pretty good at building up corps from nothing, I figure I’ll see if I fit anyone’s bill here first:

  1. Returning player after a 3 year break. Been playing since 06, and done just about everything except fly a Titan. 80M SP, mainly because skill extractors have funded a few of my endeavors.

  2. My primary joy is industry, management and running operations. I’m an OK FC, better at larger strategy, but I do rock the industry plans. I also love WH space, and its where I have spent a majority of my time in game.

  3. What I’m looking for is :

A) Corp or Alliance in need of an industrial director. If you don’t have an industry division and want to start one, I can help with that as well. I would love to work with a smaller alliance or mid-sized corp mainly cause I like to know who’s in the group.

B) Corp desiring to move into W-Space but not sure how to make this happen. I’ve successfully moved into multiple WH systems in the C1-3 categories. Loved living there, but my support groups(IE Corp) or RL would get in the way and I’d have to go on break like my last 3 year hiatus. Bankrolling my last big C3 move is what brought me from 90 to 80 mil SP :slight_smile:
– On this one, If you’re corp is in an Alliance I may have a work around idea so you don’t have to “risk” giving me director roles… can discuss more.

  1. Details about me, Currently in Japan TZ, soon to be AUTZ, and will have a few days minimum downtime once that move starts.

Looking forward to seeing whats out there before I get to bored mining veldspar to keep logging in! Please someone find me something to do!

-Jobie Thickburger
Veteran Industrialist looking for a good time…

Hi there.

Looking for a corp in NPC Nullsec ?

We of Hanging by a threat juts have that.

We are all mature players who like to play the game and sometimes even love the meta

We are not dirty for a gate camp and like to chat whit one and other on discord

Have a look at what we offer :

  • 5% Tax.
  • A comfortable home in npc null space.
  • Experienced players who are happy to show newer players how to make isk.
  • Buybacks on Loot, Salvage, and Ore at 85-90% Jita Buy.
  • Moon mining ops with alliance from R16 op to R64 .
  • Reliable intel channels.
  • Access to an active Discord server.
  • Thriving Nullsec market only a few jumps from home.

What we are looking for :

- Active players

- Mature players 18+

- No care bears who only dock up when people roam our systems

- people who like to mine and build

join now and see what you have been missing out on in the Hanging by a threat chat channel .

we are 10 jumps away from Dodixie and 19 jumps away from Jita

**want to see our latest kills the follow this link hanging by a threat | Corporation | zKillboard

Discord : Hanging By A Threat

hired please contact were a newer wh corp with a hs mining division our industry needs a leader so we can focus on defending

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