Veteran Player, 3 Accounts - Looking to join an Abyssals-oriented Corp, preferably in Amarr space

Hello there, Twitchy McTwitch here, while I have had a lot of fun returning to Eve and playing around New Eden, I really want to switch my orientation and focus to Abyssals and Industry. They look like small-gang fun. I can and am willing to train into anything necessary for it, and have perfect fittings for most of the recommended T5 abyssal fits.
My accounts are fleet-operations and industry oriented, with Twitchy having very nearly (save for Endecom) all sub-capital skills perfected (including Triglavian). I am hoping to join a corporation, preferably in Amarr space where I can regularly team up with others to do abyssals.

Feel free to reach out to me here or in-game, thank you!

Edit: I don’t mind being part of Faction Warfare either.

I have experience in Incursions, Wormholing, Logi Ops, and much more.