VICERANT - Mining/Industry - PVP Corporation - High Sec/Low Sec

“Rising amateurs always intimidate falling masters.”

EU/US Time

We’re Vicerant corporation, member of S0ns of Anarchy Alliance and we’re currently located in Low Sec and High Sec with a focus on Mining/Industry and PVP.

┍ Here’s a list of the services we offer:

✓ Alliance Discord

✓ Orca Mining Boosts
• We have Orca pilot who can provide boosts to make your mining more efficient!

✓ Blueprint Library
• Want to learn manufacturing and reaction? We’ve got allot of different BPOs!

✓ Planetary Interaction
• Want help getting into Planetary Interaction? We’ve got you covered!

✓ Athanor for Moon Mining and Reprocessing
• Weekly Fleet Ops.
• Max Skill Reprocessing Service.

✓ Raitaru for cheap Research and Manufacturing!

✓ Ore Buyback Program
• We’ll buy your ore at 90% Jita prices. All the ORE will go in manufacturing of Corporation replacement program.

✓ PVP Fleets
• Small Gang, Gates Camp, Black Ops.

CEO: Zaron

New people have already joined. Come on board!

Don’t wait, come with us!

We’re still recruiting!

Where’s the corp HQ?

We are in High Sec, Sinq Laison. If you want more information please convo me.

We’re still recruiting!

Waiting for you❗️

Mining :new_moon:

We’re still recruiting!

Still here! Looking for you!

Up :arrow_up:


I’m orca miner . I’d like to join thanks

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