Victorieux luxury yacht blueprint

I am looking for Victorieux Luxury Yacht (VLY) blueprint. I see (VLY) bpc are available but the only reference I can find obtain a (VLY) is a 2015 contest reward. How are (VLY) BPCs found? Is there a (VLY) BPO?

I have one somewhere i will mail you in game when i find it. Or mail me to remind me if i forget

VLY BPO isn’t exist I think. BPCs were given to active subscribers at 2015 after fanfest or so, do not remember exactly.

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There was never a BPO available for this ship. As you have discovered, the BPC was a limited run BP from the YC117 era. I still have mine from the 2015-2016 time frame. Never really saw a practical use for them so they gather dust!

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