Video Guide: 100MN Celestis ESS Robbing

This video series will show you how to fit, use and prepare for ESS engagements with a 100MN Celestis

Fit: Cad Bane Series
Improved Cloaking Device II
Drone Link Augmentor I x2

Mid slots (in this order for overheat)
Sensor Booster II with scan res script
Remote Sensor Damp II
Remote Sensor Damp II
Remote Sensor Damp II all sensor damps with targeting range scripts

Damage Control II
Inertial Stab II
Overdrive II x3

Low Friction Nozzle Joints
Targeting Subsystem Controller x 2

Warrior SW-300 (web drones)

Cargo on depart: 100 nanite paste, 1 Mobile Depot, 1 Hull rep, 1 armor rep, one p-acid med battery, one cap power relay (helps give you more cap before you rep) + 10 extra web drones in cargo.


Made this for you buddy.


Appreciate it :relaxed:

Initiative and Bastion took a staggering 1.3 billion ISK loss last night, I made two trips with the below amount after downtime.

My Queen, @Aiko_Danuja , Majesty and Ruler of the Cosmos, know that I act as missionary to spread the CODE to the foul and wicked systems of Fountain.

With the Mining Permit thou hast given me, I shall in turn give a hundred score more to the aspirants of Bastion and deliver their souls onto salvation.


Sorry but even tho i’m interested in watching the videos in an effort to re-aquaint myself with EVE after over 8 years AFG, I couldn’t get past hearing every mouse/keyboard click, your breathing, or the gulping sound every time you swallowed.

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Imagine a real human being making a video without a $10,000 Studio setup?

You don’t need a 10,000 studio setup; it should already in you r OS and whichever broadcasting software you’re using. There are 2 very simple steps to minimize most, if not all, those annoying sounds.

  1. pull the mic farther away from your mouth, or use a porous foam covering
  2. turn the VOX mic sensitivity (mic gain) down until only your voice activates the mic

The above steps should only cost you a few minutes of time yet greatly improve the perceived quality of your videos.

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