Fountain's Will is Shattered; 142 million ISK stolen from ESS with 32 reds in system! Join Horde today!

Three weeks into the campaign to shatter fountain while they are deployed south in Feythabolis, the pilots have given up on defending their R64 moons and ESS’s.

Join Horde Today, our moons and ESS’es cannot be broken day after day, hour to hour!

First image: 32 reds have given up hope, not even undocking to defend 142 million ISK!

Billions in ESS bonds robbed from Fountain (below is image of a single’s day roam!)

Three R64 moons destroyed with C-type exceptional mining covetors!

First eight days of ESS income (now tripled from this picture!)

31M ISK Celestis for 4.2 billion return!

Bastion and Initiative have been evicted from nearly 1/3 of Fountain by me and the local pirates!

Join Horde, choose the winning side!


Can you explain the moon thing a bit?

Their mining fleet didnt’ undock or stage a counter blops for over 6-8 hours of hellcamping them.

So we came with 2 max yield covetors and 6 procurers and 2 porpoises with drone damage amps and max shield resists and deleted their Bountiful Xenotime and regular Xenotime with Type C exceptional crystals.

We then deposited in their own Anathor and used asset safety on about 600 Mil in ore (meaning we did at least 6 billion in damage, if not more)

Type C’s delete ore 10x faster than other crystals, but also have no yield. They are designed to punish nullbears and I think we’re the first fleet in eve to put them to use.


Ah, nice, that’s the residue thing. What exactly is the waste ratio?

Also, how were you able to deposit? Did they not configure their station rights properly?

You just deposit. That’s it.

right click anathor and win EVE.

Since the writing of this thread I have looted three more ESSes with 20-40 mil each, all with 3-5 in system. They have given up. The 100MN Celestis is Supreme!

The 100MN eviction gallente hull.

What happens after the first week is bank heists is that the PvP Huginn and Curse pilots (who were being insta damped by a cloak T1 celestis) stop coming help the PvE pilots, because they know they can’t catch or kill me.

The PvE pilots start to rage at the PvP pilots. They start attacking my celestis in their ratting ships. I bring a Sacrilege named “Ishtar Slayer” and I take their ESS anyway (their ishtar can’t match Sacrilege escalation)

When they hellcamp me on combat timer, I just cloak and hit on the other side of Fountain with my other toon in 100MN celestis.

The PvP fleets stopped forming. THe HIC and dictor camps stopped, and now I just go gate to gate in Fountain, taking each ESS with no resistance.

Ratters have quit, because now half the systems I visit are perpetually empty with 0 ISK in banks. Three weeks ago every system had at least two ratters.

One guy just gives me half the ISK the bank when I show up in system (via send money) and I honor it and move on.

Some ratters thought they’d make a mega system, then I paid pirates with hand out ships (that they actually gave back to me) to break their ESS marauder fortresses ( I also made friends with them all, and I scout and open covert cyno blops, check my zkill).

The moment I appear in intel (no matter how far I am), capitals stop their cycles and carriers dock, for the rest of the day. Many of them (The Chinese in particular) are robbing their own ESS’es 8-10 jumps before I make it to them.

Although this is a 700mil loss:

It paid for itself 6-7 times in securing tough ESS’es. Consider how much armor a Sacriledge has, and how much damage I took, and just imagine how long it took those four to kill me (Huginn got mad ESS rng, and landed as far from me when he jumped in!>!>!)


Just a guess but if I recall correctly you can put stuff in deliveries which was added to citadels so courier contracts can no longer be prevented from delivering so anyone can put stuff to deliveries in any citadel now or something like that.

Just assuming but probably you can put it there aimed at a specific character so they just deposit for one of their own characters then use asset safety to deliver it to the nearest lowsec station (if they are in null or closest hisec station if they are in low if I recall correctly how that works).

Is this a transcript of a radio broadcast from Berlin, 1940? The ad at the top, I mean.

And THERE is the reason for a weird item in the game. Sherman’s march. Russian winter. Logistics war.

No. From Soviet Russia.

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