The First ESS Reserve Bank has been Hit!

Spectre Fleet Reserve Bank Heist!

There is one Swear word! (Sh*T); You’ve been warned!

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"Spectre Fleet started the Grand Heist off with a bang.Forming their untested ESS Doctrine, the community brought 67 capsuleers in heavy armour battlecrusiers to Catch to rob the EX6-A0 ESS Reserve Bank!

With two 45 minute keys in hand, the fleet set about stealing upwards of 7 billion isk from local ratters! Nearing the start of the second key, TEST attempted to take grid with a ~60 man Ferox fleet.

Due to the mechanics of the ESS Grid, the Null doctrine Ferox, with a MWD and Rails, landed at 0 on Spectre’s awaiting gang and promptly ate ■■■■!

GF’s were deposited into local, and Spectre made out like Bandits to the near by Hisec, before departing back to Jita." - Samara


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