Fountain gets their first kill on Cad Bane's Celestis

The brave men of Fountain formed a 12 man posse and hellcamped every gate around ZUE-NS in HICs for over three hours and finally killed the 31 mil ISK celestis that has robbed their ESS’es over of 4.2 billion ISK in the past nine days!

Congrats, you got me!

I just jump cloned back into a new one

4,200,000,000 divided by 31,000,000 = 13548.38 % ISK positivity.


You’re doing the lord’s work :stuck_out_tongue:


Ishtars will undock and warp to zero, but never jump. It’s amazing they are afraid to 1v1 a celestis. I call their bluff every time. Once there was four ishtars at zero on ess, none of them jumped!?!

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I wouldn’t warp into your bluff Celestis either. That hideous UI must be contagious and people do well in staying away from contagious diseases.


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Is there a legal program that can modify EvE’s UI files?

you have a very specific set of skills.


Literally zero ratting in fountain except near delve entrance and INIT’s home base, one celestis, one sacrilege, one rifter, shuts down an entire region lol.

Now I’m cloaky camping them in Arazu to force them to spread back out.

1: Triple stab/hyperstial rifter to scout all the systems and bookmark them in time order.

2: Celestis to steal

3: Anti-Ishtar Sacriledge for force projection on the lone/double ishtars that push my celestis off. This poor Cerebus+pod had to sacrifice himself to save three ishtars that were actually dumb enough to come into the ESS with me.

4: Azaru to hellcamp anyone brazen enough to kill my celestis (stops them for ratting an entire day, and makes them reconsider their own daily profit margins for saving their ESS) and force people to spread out.

Alt eyes on pipes.



253 mil steal in sacrilege

Like 20+ ratter all went to that system so I couldn’t get em, so I waited for the extended downtime <3

275M now , since only one person was ratting when I came back an hour later to Q-X.

I wonder if they’ll spread out this time or continue to mega-herd in one system?

I called in two separate pirate gangs from Serpentis to break their blockade three times now as well. Paid them more than the ESS was worth <3


Realized I spend more time fighting and reshipping to fight other pirates in the ESS than the bots lol.

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I suspect you have an inflated version of your impact lol

When I’m back in Y-Z I show you the 1.8 billion in bounties I made over last two days.

Here you go.

That’s last 36 hours.

Would have bee more if I didn’t hellcamp hulks and orcas for half of those hours.

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