[Video] My 7 year journey through EVE Online. What is your dream?

Hi i am a Japanese EVE player.
What is your dream in EVE life?
If you are interested in this post, Feel free to comment here please :smile:

I watched “Asakai incident” video, and so i started playing EVE Online 7 years ago.
Avatar is my dream ship.

I started posting videos to Youtube as soon as the game started.
Finally i bought Avatar and fired DoomsDay. Further i reached 2000 subscribers few days ago.
This video is my record of 7 year EVE Online and Youtube life.

At first, i mined ore at Madirmilire (next to Niarja ) with Retriever then i was ganked.

Now you are Newbie? Just start the game? Small minority corp?
No problem, i also started from here.

I made friends. learned game system. founded my corporation.

Do you want to achieve a big goal?
Yes you can. Let’s start now!

My next goal is to grow up my corporation to strongest PvP corporation in Japanese.
My dream is still going on.

Thank you for your support and thank you CCP.
I hope next year success of the game.
Fly safe all o7

[About the author]
Main character : Rist Ozuwara
“Siege Green” director
“NACHO Battle Pixies” president and founder
Vtuber (Virtual youtuber) : Rindou Rist (凛堂 りすと)





Nice video. It was interesting to see your progression over the years.

Thank you reply
I keep playing the game and enjoy huge space with my supporter.

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Goals are most important. They keep us engaged and give will to push forward. Hope your journey will continue as long as you enjoying pursuing own achievement.

My dream? I just want to find that “best gaming community”, we lost along the years


Enjoyed your journey so far and not only a good story, but a good marketing piece for the game.

Big thumbs up (and hopefully that first line conveys the correct meaning).

Thank you “いいね”
Yes it’s correct meaning :laughing:

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