Had an EVE Dream

I had a dream last night about EVE. I was in a hauler, flying towards a space station, and there was a Tristan nearby. That’s it. That’s the extent of the subconscious effect that EVE has had on me after a few months of playing or so. Flying form starbase to jumpgate to starbase and looking at spaceships. Riveting.



Try mining - those rocks are known to be dream inducing.

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Eve, the impossible dream.


You get out of EVE what you put into it.


Believe me, I’m trying to like this game. So far it seems like the GUI is the greatest opponent in the game.

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I have pretty vivid Eve dreams every once in a while, I think it’s pretty normal at this point. I can be doing something as simple as mining or a chase with a fleet trying to catch me and gank me for whatever reason.

Eve dreams are always interesting. :sunglasses:


I had a dream where the Sleepers bought a japanese corporation. It got weird after that.


The GUI might actually be the greatest opponent.

You’ll learn it though.

I had EVE dream!
I jumped into Null-Sec and there was no local.

I just wish there was more…well…character to the game. Because it just feels like it’s about nothing but ships and menus with text so far. I feel so detached from the NPCs when I’m reading agent missions.

Yeah, Eve does an absolute terrible job at what you are describing.

You just need to realize that Eve is about relationships and stories. How are you going to screw some one over? How are you going to save people from getting screwed over? How are you and some one going to overcome this or that obstacle?

This game gives you a perfect canvas to do something amazing. The pve mechanics are just ways to fund your way to get there.

They certainly aren’t where the fun is. Stalk a chremoas pilot and make a plan to tackle and destroy him. Figure out how to build carriers and corner the market. Find a Corp at war and help funnel ships and equipment to them to turn the tide.

The story is yours to make. Pve is only to help you get there.

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I dreamt of triglavian ships before they were announced they didnt look the same but had the energy ball and constant firing lasers…

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You do know CCP says that about the game they make…don’t you?

I had a dream that EVE Online was created by a Japanese enterprise, like the ones that made Kantai Collection or Azur Lane…

The battleships and capitals were the waifus with the biggest badonkers I ever saw


I had an Eve dream where some unknown entity hacked CONCORD and turned all Hi-sec into -1.0 security status.
It was bizarre…

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Please be a premonitory dream

Let’s turn Jita into a -1.0 wormhole system and turn Jita 4-4 as a destroyable Keepstar without asset safety

Wakamiya Eve I presume

Aye, there’s many other games that you dream a lot more about after a gaming binge. Did a long session of Battletech last week, for example, and when I finally quit and went to sleep I was doing missions all night far as I can remember.

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