Video of Guy who Got Cleared His Nose

Wow this poor guy had nasal polyps a big ball of mucus in his sinus.

So he had nasal polys which are benign tissue in his nose that look like peeled grapes. These are thought to form from inflammation in the nose. People with cystic fibrosis get them, but those who don’t have an obvious generic disorder who have lots of sinusitis may get them. Inside them are eosinophils, a white blood cell that is involved in inflammation.

The polyps obviously block people’s nostrils, which makes it difficult to breath through the nose. Fortunatly the mouth is unobstructed, so in ser4vere cases when nasal breathing is impossible, they don’t suffocate. Mouth breathing is associated with snoring. In addition to blocking smell and breathing, depending on the position of a polyp, it can block a sinus.

Mucus normally forms in a sinus and circulates out and into the esophagus. We normally don’t feel this. however stagnant mucus can form a breeding ground for bacteria. If the sinus cannot drain (say… it is blocked) an infection that would normally clear in a few days will just brew in the mucus. Chronic infection irritates the mucosa and causes inflammation.

Oh and inflammation makes nasal polyps form and existing ones to bigger.

This means that if nasal polyps form and reach certain parts of a sinus, it can turn what would be a minor nasal infection into a chronic condition.

Man has never-ending giant ‘ball of jelly mucus’ sucked from nose | Metro News

I bet it must have felt good to get all that out.

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This looked satysfying just like the doctor said. He must have felt something like what you can feel when you clean very stuck drain. Relief and joy. Highly empathic person, I reccomend everyone to watch.

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He must have felt so much relief over having that mucus sucked out. Doctor has good bedside manner

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