VIP Mode & DT & Some basic things

Hello, would like to discuss some basic things about the test server and it’s daily downtime and (Currently) its VIP mode.
Singularity goes offline for DT around 04:40 or so everyday, so those connecting around that time don’t freak out and post on the forums immediately unless it continues after DT

VIP Mode is usually used (if i’m not mistaken) during mirrors and indicates that a mirror is possibly under way.

(Please correct on me on these things if i get these things wrong!)

Clone States: Lots of people have been asking what to do since their alpha on singularity, the answer to that is simply buy 500 PLEX in a seeded station’s market for 500 and omega your account.

If the login is broken:
Try clicking the “E” in the corner of the launcher, then server list then click “Play On Singularity”

Yes theres a new Mirror on its way today, so stop cryin everybody, its not the end of the world.

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And creating this separate from the main post
To sum up whats happening this mirror, is:

  • There’s a new testing system, M-OEE8 which will be claimed by CCP and have a seeded market
  • /copyships may be removed
  • M-OEE8 will have a Seeded Keepstar and Sotiyo
  • The Sotiyo is able to build supers/titans.
  • Other possible things i forgot

/copyships was apparently hard-coded to a specific system and is no longer available.

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Added some info


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