💥 Viper-Squad | 0.0 Sov | Tightknit EUTZ | Small/Medium PVP/PVE Corp

Recruitment allways open.

Looking for eu tz pvp oriented pilots interested in 0.0 sov space.

Recruiting players for multiples 0.0 sov activities.

Currently recruiting small gang oriented players.

Recruitment is still open.

We are continuosly recruiting for sov live.

Recruitment allways open for eu tz pilots in search of a new null home!

Still recruiting!

Recruitment open for all of the above.

Recruitment is still open on a dailly basis !

Still recruiting !

Recruiting is still open for likeminded individuals.

Reach us ingame or discord if anything of the above might suit you.


Recruitment is still open boys.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots interested in sov life.

Still open!

Recruitment within the corporation is still avaible.

We are looking for pvp oriented pilots interested in sov life.

Still recruiting eutz pilots.