Viper-Squad ( VSQ ) Small/Mid Gang EUTZ, Looking for a null-sec roof!

Long story short, we are 3 main directors of this said corporation who came back to the game awhile back.We are long time eve online players who dedicated most of their time to the pvp side of the game.We are nowadays looking to re-form our corporation and for that to happen, we need a home.

We are looking for a stable and good organized eu timezone group, based pref in null-sec.We might consider low sec also.

We know theres not much that we can bring to the table for starters, except our decent skilled characters, with a few alts, good game mechanics knowledge, small/mid scale fc experience and ofc our willingness to get involved into everything that our future alliance usually does.

Eve mail/convo ocsta ingame or ocsta#5391 on discord for anything.


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Discord friend request sent from Choc talar#5611

Some nice people reached out to us, and we thank you for that.This thread will be up for a few more days.What else is there ?

One other dailly bump.

Good evening fellow capsuleers, i’m up for chats for a few hours.

Will take discord or ingame convos.

Not looking to merge into some other biggers corp, if i may add after we’ve been asked.

Thank you kindly for your offers and thoughts.

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