Voigt-Kampff test for Factional Warfare Bots

(Bloodclart Raider) #101

You should get out of here before they remember that you are banned

(Venom Anarchy) #102

Apparently there is a new batch I’ve seen a kill mail identical fit atron new name one I haven’t seen before.

(Shai 'Hulud) #103

If we think of EVE as a big, ripe pile of excrement… then bots are like flies.

It sounds like a few weeks ago the bot flies had become a swarm. Players complained (in a number of threads), and CCP finally got up off their asses and swatted some flies.

Unfortunately, I see no indication they did anything about the pile of ■■■■. The flies are going to come back. Of that you can be sure.

(Venom Anarchy) #104

Use the other thread for whinging make practical suggestions here