Voigt-Kampff test for Factional Warfare Bots

There was a time when the only real way I could catch factional warfare bots was with 3 disrupters fitted then came the patch to remove warp core stabilized ships from running factional warfare sites. This initially caused a profound reduction in the number of bots but they don’t give up easily those bots never sleep. Now it appears they have returned in the same multitude as before, but how ? you might ask can they survive without stabs ? the answer is no but can we kill them fast enough for it to be not worth their while doing ? the answer is probably again no so the bots here. The fact is that minimum requirement to run the site costs so little and the rewards exponentially more that it is pretty much impossible to kill them fast enough. So what more can be done ? do we need a Voigt-Kampff test on Factional Warfare sites to check that ships are not being piloted by androids, what if we were to retire a human by mistake ?


Stop spinning ships in station and be in complexes instead.

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Yes pay ccp to be f1 monkey go and shoot bots such content, much game, fun amazing very.

It is your fault in the 1st place.

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Couldn’t they just switch to ventures?

Hard to stop warp core stabs when they are built right in.

How so ?

It meant to be sarcastic snarky reply but as 1400mm howitzers it missed you completely.

This is going on for better part of a decade ppl who should be doing something did as least as humanly possible,stop holding my breath long time ago,nor I feel obligated to do something about it.

Kampf mean combat.
I know that.

Don’t ask how.

it’s the name of the test from Bladerunner or the book it was based on, it didn’t explain why it was called that.

Yeah, you miss jokes as well as a 1400mm howitzer shell too.

And I thought I was being too subtle

In truth they are doing wonders for my killboard statistic just a shame that I am not overly bothered about KB

Problem is I can’t get content from players because I am too busy stopping the bots. It’s getting to the stage where the only way I could get rid of them is to make bot hunting bots. Point being they are destabilising the warzone more than the enemy militia so they have become the priority. For me anyway. I doubt CCP enjoy investigating bot reports that much so perhaps there is another way ?

Just named after the two psychophysiologist who created a machine to detect replicants by (book) involuntary physical responses that could be seen and (movies) adds invisible airborne particles detected. Measures empathic responses to a series of carefully worded questions.

Though they were just androids and not replicants in the book but yes a slightly more involved version of a captcha test. Not sure if bots can hack exploration sites, they probably can. Perhaps more similar to 2049 would be the idea that to remain enlisted you must pass a test within cells interlinked ect… and with the less severe punishment to retire them rather than ban them being an option that would mean it would not have to be quite so hesitant about kicking people in case they turned out to be human.

Well anyway to demonstrate the scale , this is what a bot killing purge looks like on your KB https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98325945/

They can only use ventures to defend their own territory as ventures are lacking offensive capability. These bots kill the NPC in the complex which they have to do to run a site in enemy militia territory but the bots don’t fight back when attacked by a player.

Let me tell you about my mother.

I’d be interested in ganking some FW bots… where can I find them?

Look on the kill mails mostly the same places. problem is you need fast lock which means you aren’t fitted well to fight anything else that might be around. Interceptors are good but I tend to use cheaper stuff.

Also if you are not in FW you won’t be able to point them on stargates without taking gate guns which can be a major problem for a ship with it’s tank diverted to sebos

It does for sure destabilize the warzone for every militia. These bots are everywhere. Also annoying if you want to fight and invest time to warp around to see the next bot running away in a factional warfare plex which you hoped for is a player. These are scripts or bots and show the same behaviour every time you face them. Killed a few stratios scripts/bots last days aswell https://zkillboard.com/kill/73621835/. 6 different accounts/characters run the same fit and die the same way and showed also the same behaviour not avoiding any danger or redocking. Instead they just die.

Im sure it would be easy for CCP to get some SQL Server query`s up to face this behaviours or collect data about “sec-status, routes they take” to get them banned or atleast a little bit monitored and then jugded by a person.

Whats so hard about “give me every ship which has 0 pvp kills + which has sec-status 0 + farmes plexes + reships every time into same fit” etc. etc. Also reported nearly every bot im sure about per ingame function. Its also annoying that you loose a ship to a real enemyplayer you would have never engaged if you wouldnt believe that “atron frigate militia friend” near can actually help in that engage but then you realize oh my gawd, another fukin bot whos not able to do anything so you engagte something which for sure you will loose if the atron or whatever ship isnt doing anything.

It also pumps up “local” player appearance which will sometimes scare some people away because they dont look or check people and see just “oh my gawd, 13 wartargets in here” while only 5 are real persons… So it prevents fights, it pumps up local appearance, they make tons of money, it takes time to deplex the systems they plex.

CCP do something about it!

I will file a reimbursement from that 1 loss anyway even while i dont care about the isk and lossmail but about the principle. Also do you all know how many time it takes to finish a factional warfare plex to plex or deplex a system? Because all of the stupid bots you just loose a system very fast if you dont spend time engaging that farmers, which means in return, you cant dock in lowsec stations which are held by the enemy faction.

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Funny guy. Do you want to invest hours and hours and realize bots in plex warp straight away every time while your search for engagements? You wouldnt spend that time if there werent bots plexing in nearly every system.