Volition Cult is Recruiting

Volition Cult is Recruiting

We are looking to expand our ranks in all time zones. We need seasoned, PVP and industrialist Pilots. Employment in Volition Cult requires dedication to the corporation and a commitment to achieving its long-term goals. Pilots are expected to be active participates in the corps agenda’s, we will not tell you how to play. Until we go to war then we require you to help the corp. Isk making opportunities are plenty, we mine (ore,moons,ice), we rat, build everything we can to sell at alliance level, run abyssal sites and of course nul sec incursions.

We our a proud member of Goonswarm Federation which means we are located in Delve. You have access to one of the game’s best markets outside of high sec. Also one of the best regions for content there is always something happening or someone coming to say hello.

What we offer:

  • NewBro Friendly for those that want to make the NullSec jump (We can train and help guide you on the right path)
  • Corporate, Alliance, and Coalition level PVP, ranging from small gang roams and BLOPS to massive capital fleets. We do it all! (providing you have the skill levels)
  • Daily fleets, you will never be waiting long, prove yourself and earn the ability to call and run your own fleets.
  • Training opportunities for newer pilots,along with a wealth of knowledge from seasoned players.
  • Full SRP for all alliance and corp fleets.
  • We have a large indy side to our corp, with our own corp sotiyo also access to all alliance structures. Build everything from condors to Avatars, also have access to the corps large collection of BPC.
  • Corp level and alliance level Buy back programs
  • 0.0 group Mining/Ratting with multiple system upgrades under the safety of eve’s largest supercap umbrella.
  • Alliance jump freighter service
  • Access to largest nulsec market you dont have to sell your stuff in jita, you can sell it local.
  • Current have a strong presence in all time zones
  • Above all else a fun environment, this is a game after all if you cant and don’t have fun with the people you playing with way the hell you paying for it!

What we require

  • All applicants most submit to a full ESI check.
  • Must participate in 1 alliance level fleet per month.
  • Main character over 5 million sp
  • Must have decent understanding of English
  • Have a working mic
  • Have working mumble and discord
  • Answer the corps call when you are needed (be a team player)

Join our Discord and talk to us in the recruitment tab with a link to your killboard and we will gladly reach out to you.

On a side note the Irish are slowly taking over this corp, personally i need more Irish people…

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