Vote Maldavius - CSM 16

Glorious Triangles,

I’m Maldavius and I’m running as the Triglavian candidate for CSM 16.

Your EVE Online story.
I’ve seen things you capsuleers wouldn’t believe. Megathrons on fire in 6VDT. I watched Beam Lasers glitter in the dark near the EVE-Gate. I left it all behind to live in our glorious space hell known as Pochven. I’ve been in New Eden a long time and made many friends, enemies, and frenemies over the years. I love this game and I love where it’s gone in the last decade.

CCP created a really incredible thing with The Triglavian Invasion. Players from all walks of life in EVE tried things they’ve never done before. Miners that hadn’t left a belt in 10 years got their first null kill as we tore stars into Final Liminality. New players threw themselves headfirst into danger and came out bloodthirsty and loving the game as a result. It disrupted the standard and caused change for everyone leading to new strategies, friendships, and rivalries. I dedicated my time to building the strongest Triglavian alliance and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

You triangles make me proud. :small_red_triangle:
Look how far we’ve come. :small_red_triangle_down:

In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable?
During the invasion I worked heavily on reverse engineering mechanics, pushing stars to liminality, and solving clever puzzles left by CCP. At the height of this work Pochven was created out of the stars we liberated. This was the single most engaging player driven experience I’ve ever been a part of in any game in my life. It’s our home now and a place that we literally built together.

I’ve experienced a lot in fourteen years. From a line-member in multiple Null wars, to an Industrial Director, to a war leader ripping stars from CONCORD, to my current position as the alliance leader of Stribog Clade. A huge amount of my work now deals in community management, diplomacy, and leading a group of the most bloodthirsty triangles EVE has ever seen. It’s like playing an RTS where all your units are cats that hate you and I love every minute of it.

Also, your stars were delicious.
Especially Niarja.

What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
Outside of EVE I’ve been a developer in the games industry for the last 16 years. I worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games Studios, and I now own the indie game studio Pirate Software. I have always pushed for better player/dev relations as that’s what makes or breaks any game. With my unique experience and perspective I would push to get CCP and the players on the same page again. I want us to work together for the betterment of EVE and I know that can be accomplished.

Why are you applying for the CSM?
I’ve spent most of my life making, managing, and producing games. I’m going to apply my experience in the games industry to make EVE a better game for all of us and ensure CSM stays relevant. I’m used to the high intensity work environment of making large scale games with tons of moving pieces. I was built for this and I’ve spent most of my life doing it. Also, triangles are pretty awesome. Let’s be real.

What can players expect from you?
A heavy focus on more disruptive gameplay like the Triglavian Invasion. Also, A lot more focus on communication, quality of life changes, and story driven content. I also want to push for more lasting rewards for this kind of content such as permanent cosmetics. Things that can let you say “I was there when Raravoss fell and I have the ship skin to prove it.” EVE is about telling your story and it needs more tools, toys, and situations to let you do that.

What are some things you would change?
This isn’t an extensive list but here are a few things I am passionate about.

  1. More disruptive content that upsets metas and can’t be overrun with capital stockpiles.
    I love what the invasion did as it carved out a place devoid of capital pressure long term. It’s like our own little thunder-dome of subcap pvp and that’s fantastic. Not having SOV, no new citadels, and wormholes that benefit attackers over defenders are also great choices in my book. It helps keep this place interesting for small groups and less desireable for large ones. We need more of this in EVE.

  2. Unlocking the Pochven gates. — ACCOMPLISHED But also poorly.
    Pochven is split into border, internal, and home systems currently. These need 1.0, 3.0, and 7.0 standings respectively to use their gates. It would be more interesting to set Triglavian diamond rats on a pilot after gate activation if they don’t have the required standings rather than lock them out entirely. If Triglavians only hunt you after using a gate or undocking from an NPC station this makes for very engaging gameplay situations and let’s wormholes/filaments act as a backdoor. It’s more interesting to have open and dangerous space than it is to have content locked with a brick wall.

  3. Pochven and Triglavian content feels unfinished.
    Right now Pochven is essentially a single content type on infinite repetition. While this is profitable it’s also not that interesting. Hacking and Relic sites, missions, ice anomalies, and a revamp of the LP store are some starters that seem doable with existing systems and manpower. There are tons of ways to improve this place and right now it feels like a missed opportunity that is behind the rest of the game.

  4. More permanent cosmetics for being a part of the grand story of EVE.
    The invasion gave out clothing for your standings and that’s a great move. More of this, ship skins, medals, clothing. Things you can show others and say “I was there”. This doesn’t replace your personal story. It adds to it in a way that is relevant to other players across New Eden. Anything that can help you tell your story is absolutely awesome.

  5. Breadcrumb Missions to introduce EDENCOM and Triglavian content to players.
    The invasion did a great job of bringing in new pilots and giving them a lot of new experiences. Now that it’s over, many pilots have no idea they can join these factions. Having missions that introduce EDENCOM or Triglavian forces and letting pilots choose a side would be a great way to put this content out there again. This needs to be introduced at a time where a player can make the decision confidently and understand the risks and rewards of their choice.

For a more detailed list go check out my website!

Hey look a fancy campaign video!

Have you done any interviews?
Yes! I love debate formats more than anything.
Talking with DTM135 about my goals and Pochven.
Talking with @Ashterothi about the Triglavian invasion.
A debate about the aftermath of unlocking Pochven gates on DTM135’s stream.
CSM16 Battle Royale on DTM135’s stream where I made it to the final round.

How can I talk to you?
You can literally talk, complain, or banter at me in real time during my streams.
You can also reach me on Discord if you’d like to yell at me in private. Thor#5264

As for Xenuria…
I’m the only Triglavian candidate.

Fly Dangerous,



I look forward to seeing your campaign develop over time.

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So, you like Pochven, then.

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Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun.

I’m hoping to see more iterations on it but it’s a really bold and interesting thing for CCP to try. By disrupting the status quo and letting players permanently change the map everyone involved has a lot of awesome stories to share about where they were when the hammer dropped. Those kinds of things are what makes EVE truly memorable.

That being said, it’s space hell. Drifters, Drones, EDENCOM, and Roaming Capsuleers will definitely keep you on your toes. Drifters can pop you at 200km in a sub-2s align. Our members who venture outside generally laugh at the sudden drop in survival difficulty.

Come tour Pochven and rumble with us.
We’re always waiting. :small_red_triangle:


I went to Pochven. It made no sense to me. I am not interested in grinding NPC standings.

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If you could change anything about standings in pochven what would it be? Would you make it easier to grind, harder?

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That’s totally fair, grinding in MMO’s isn’t for everyone.
When optimized the grind is actually very quick and can be handled in a day or two.

The Invasion was born from repeatable easy access PVE content. This brought a huge amount of new players in and gave them something they could do with others while learning the game. The content was easy, casual, and led to a little bit of lowsec/nullsec PVP towards the end of each star. It was wildly successful and it’s why our alliance exists today. The reward for that was hardcore pvp pseudo-wormhole space. A really odd bonus for a mostly casual PVE crowd and we bled pilots as a result at first. We’ve acclimated and dominated the space but it was a very hard learning curve.

Right now I don’t like the way Triglavian standings are implemented for using gates in Pochven. However, I do like the idea of gaining standings to unlock more features and content with a faction.


As I said on Talking In Stations the standings grind to use gates is a bit of a weird choice for EVE.

I would rather the system work like faction policed space.

If you don’t have standing the Triglavians would send fleets to hunt you down. Pochven is split into border, internal, and home systems currently. These need 1.0, 3.0, and 7.0 standings respectively to use their gates. It would be more interesting to set faction police on a pilot if they don’t have the required standings rather than lock them out entirely. If they only hunt you after using a gate or undocking from an NPC station this makes for very engaging gameplay situations and let’s wormholes act as a backdoor.

It’s more interesting to have open and dangerous space than it is to have content locked with a brick wall.

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I think the plan was to create different kind of space and progression. The solution IMO would be to have a smaller triangle inside the big triangle, connecting all the border systems. So people could live there with 1.0 standing.

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Border systems being connected does fix one of the issues but it doesn’t change the core problem of having content completely brick-walled by standings. I can understand the design intention but it has played out poorly. Restrictive gates have led to reduced fights, a lack of EDENCOM player presence to fight against, and general frustration from pilots.

It’s not hopeless though.
Redesigns can happen and a lot can be learned from this situation.

Welcome to the race, Maldavius. I wish you luck and I will vote for you and wish to make Pochven a better place


Glory to Zorya Triglav and thank you for your vote! :small_red_triangle:

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:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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I was one of the first people, if not the first, to call out Niarja as a target. We were running sites in some other system and I saw it pop up in the Agency, called it out in fleet/TTI channels, and immediately everyone changed priorities and burned there. It was quite a fight those first few hours!


Hell yeah!

I was there when the blue star fell.
I was there when New Eden changed forever.

Those kinds of moments are why I love this content so much. :small_red_triangle:

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T2 Leshak please

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It seems like you should expand your constituency to include the jilted Edencom pilots. They are kindred spirits.

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If you have ever wanted to see pochven expanded on you owe it to yourself to give this man your vote.


Why would you need more than 27 walled off systems? It is plenty big.

I’m sorry, I should have been more specific. I forget not everyone’s first language is English.

Pochvens content needs to be expanded upon. They could add additional things / change existing things to make it more fun / engaging.

Some other words to describe what I mean include

  • amplify,
  • develop,
  • dilate (on or upon),
  • elaborate (on),
  • enlarge (on or upon),
  • flesh (out)

This is the first time we’ve elected a CSM during pochvens existence and IMO it’s very important that someone is there to represent it, at least during this stage in development.