[W A R] Warbirds Nation | C5 WH PvP | OmniTZ

Warbirds Nation is actively recruiting for C5 wormhole PvP and PvE.

Warbirds is an experienced gaming organization that has existed since October of 1999 across various MMOs. We have a long and storied history.

We offer the following to our members…

  • PvP roaming, and brawls, including roams into Pochven, Lowsec, and Nullsec with veteran FCs

  • PvE krabbing in highclass and lowclass wormholes

  • Access to 100% SRP for roams

  • Access to robust IT services: AllianceAuth, Pathfinder, Discord, and Mumble

We also offer opportunities to train new FCs and engage in theorycrafting that will actually be used.

We have 0% corp taxes, your ISK is your ISK.

What we ask of new recruits…

  • Willingness to participate in corp activities
  • Willingness to learn and understand wormhole mechanics

We accept newbros and veterans alike.

If you are interested in applying to Warbirds, head on over to our Discord and open an application!

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+1 for warbirds!


+1 for Warbirds!

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Recruitment is still open, come farm some salt with us!

Come farm some salt with Warbirds! We accept newbros and veterans alike!

Still recruiting for more salt farming!

Come farm sole salt with us friends!

Come farm some salt with us, we are still recruiting!

We are still recruiting, feel free to join in on some awesome content!

We are still actively recruiting PvPers for some fun!

We are still recruiting, come enjoy some salt with us!

We are still actively recruiting, come farm some salt in high class space with us!