W/H PVP - Looking for pilots Not F1 monkeys

Redux. is recruiting for active PVP minded pilots.

We base out of a C2 wormhole with C5/NS static and like to go old school roaming into null and also go looking for a fight within the chain. Due to us having a C5 static we also have the ability to run PVE fleets from time time to help members earn some ISKies.

We like our small/medium gang PVP and tend to have fleets on a daily basis. so being able to manual pilot would be a good skill to have, we don’t expect our pilots to be F1 Monkeys but we are happy to teach people to manual pilot like a boss :slight_smile:

We are mainly active during the EU TZ but do have a few pilots that are from outside this TZ so don’t let that put you off.

We are an experienced group of lads that like to have a laugh on TS and don’t take things to seriously but do enjoy to pew. Friday night’s are full of drunken roams with lots of banter.

What are we looking for?

  • 30mil SP minimum

  • Willing to join fleets when online

  • Willing to have a laugh on TS

What we offer

  • Teamspeak

  • Fleet doctrines

  • A good laid back group of people

  • Citadel

If this sounds good please join our public Channel Dux. where anybody will be able to help.


Fly safe o/

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Bump :grin:

Still looking for more recruits!

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Come join in the fun!

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Still recruiting

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