Walmart Greeters is recruiting for USTZ SOV Null PVP and Industry!

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!

Walmart Greeters is a Nullsec corporation operating in the USTZ as members of the Flying Dangerous alliance and FI.RE coalition.

If you’re a Newbro or returning vet, what you’ll find is a relaxed community where you can take part in all the opportunities SOV Null offers.

We offer a social discord and TeamSpeak. Our coalition calls fleets on a regular basis, offering a variety of fleet doctrines. We also have a caracal doctrine that we fly at the alliance level.

Our alliance is well-established, currently stationed on the front lines of Tenerifis defending against invasion. Once things settle down we plan to have fully upgraded systems for ratting and an industry hub.

We offer a buyback program on all reprocessed moon goo, PI, Gas, Ice and exploration loot!

Join us on discord Here! or our in-game chat “Walmart Greeters”

Corporation applications open as well!


[#pvp] [#industrial] [#null-sec]

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