Want Action? Join SPACE BOOMERS (we only have one Boomer)

Who are we: We’re a flight sim oriented group who’ve flown virtually together for over a decade. We have decided to return to NEW EDEN after a several year break. We have a diverse background in and out’ve game resulting in lifelong friendships and significant networking. You will not find a better group of real and virtual aviators in the galaxy.

History: SPACE BOOMERS is a 4 year old corp in EVE returning to the game after Beeitnam ended in 2020. We enjoyed Null Sec paired up with OUR former alliance FEDUP. After the war, most of us moved onto other games, but we sticked together. We’ve returned and reside in high sec, but are currently reaching out to alliances for membership. Part of the process to take the step to Null is ensuring we have the right people in place to make it successful for us, and our future brothers in arms.

1.) Speak English
2.) 21 Years Old minimum
3.) Recognition that we’re a flight sim community playing EVE, not the other way around, and be willing to play other games (ex. Flight Sims, other space sims, strategy games, shooters, etc.)
4.) Be a good dude and sociable
5.) Be willing to learn
Yea, that’s it, no API check, the rest of the verification will be as we get to know you.

When do you play: We’re a North American timezone corp.

Favorite pastime: Small PVP roams letting creative juices flow on tactics, and strategy.

Repeat after me: Gear fear is not in our creed

Fun takes precedence over all.

Nightly Small Gang roams.

We have members with two decades of experience who can fly capitals, all the way down to two week old members meaning we’ve got you covered on showing the ropes to many different playstyles. Must be willing to do pvp occasionally at a minimum.

We’re in the process of joining an alliance in Null. Once we have a good fit and this is complete, we’ll make the move to our new home. Never a better time to join and experience that with a bunch of friends.

PVP, PVE, WHs, mining, site running, roaming…we got you covered. We also play a large number of other games together, what does that mean? We’re stable.

Saturday means pew pews , cheers

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