Want to Hire a Recruiting Director

Looking to hire a full-time, paid, Recruiting Director for my corporation, Blue Force Laboratories.

An industrial corporation with big plans!

Job Duties

  • Create and manage the recruitment and onboarding process for new members.
  • Maintain an active recruitment forum post and respond professionally, politely, and expediently.
  • Screen applicants and provide reports to the CEO and Directors as required.
  • Screen and/or provide executive referrals/applicants for officer positions.
  • Maintain in-game Corporation application post and welcome aboard email.

100 mil ISK per month
Additional 50,000 ISK longevity bonus
Paid when a member, recruited by you, is active and remains in the corporation for at least 30 days.
Additional bonuses as necessary, i.e. recruiting for an executive position at the direction of the CEO/Director(s).

Respond below or message me in-game Octajir Dahiwa.

Bump. Still looking!

This high, low, null or wormhole?

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