Want to join Corp in Guristas Space

Any Corp in Guristas space that is recruiting?

Talk to Avio Yaken (hope I spelt the last name right). It’s not a Corp but there is a project there you could get involved in, and meet corps in the area through.

how much sp you have ? can you tel a bit more about your self ? we are in guristas space. in tribute. at Trigger Happy

come by our discord or join our public channel in game: Mea Culpa.

been trying solo pvp and small gang in low sec atm. I have 1 main 90M SP and 1 alt in 30M SP. My main can fly all tech 3 cruiser. I want to fly big ships and big fleets agian.

Returning player here. What are Trigger Happy’s requirements?

I’ve been playing off an on since 2011 doing mostly solo mission running and stumbling up the learning curve, 15m sp with no real PVP experience. I just bought a bunch of throw away frigs to blow up in low-sec and start learning PVP. I was thinking about Gurista burner missioning as a next step isk wise but I’ve basically been solo since I started and figure it’s time for some corp experience as well.

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