Want to learn how to PvP? Join the Frog Pond!

:frog: Welcome to the Frog Pond! :frog:

Are you tired of doing the same missions over and over again? Can’t stand looking at Veldspar asteroids all the time? Heard about all the great battles that happen in Eve Online but never know where to find them? Or maybe you would like to have an actual impact on the map of New Eden? We can get you straight into PvP action from day one, no strings attached.

The Frog Pond is a premier Faction Warfare training corporation led by Gallente militia veterans. Our goal is to arm you with both the ships and the knowledge to make an impact on the battlefields of New Eden from day one. Help us shape the future of the Gallente militia by joining us now! We offer:

  • Leadership made of Gallente militia veterans who know all the ins and outs of the Faction Warfare
  • Curated fittings and skill training plans that will help you jump straight into action
  • Free ships that you can use for both solo and fleet content Experienced Fleet Commanders who will show you the ropes to PvP
  • Buyback program that will help you become a self-sustained pilot
  • Guides covering various topics ranging from basics of combat to making money to sustain and expand your career in low-sec
  • Support of various GalMil groups - you will be free to use the existing infrastructure of the established alliances in GalMil to find both content and services such as buyback programs or discounted hauling
  • Low tax rates, where the money gets reinvested into the corporation i.e. on you


  • Discord and TeamSpeak, a working microphone is highly recommended
  • Willingness to learn and cooperate with others
  • No SP or Omega required

Interested? Visit our Discord server to find out more https://discord.frogpond.space/
Killboard link: The Frog Pond | Corporation | zKillboard



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