Want to learn to pvp? Want free ships? Join Lucifarian Order

Join the Lucifarian Order. All ships used for our piracy activities are provided free of charge. Loot, and bpc’s will be raffled to fleet members via 150.00 isk hypernets on a regular bases, provided that you are helping the fleet. Alpha clone friendly. Our doctrin takes about 8 hours to train into for a completely new character. You must have discord and a working mic. Contact me in game to set up a discord interview. New and old characters welcome. Our public recruitment chat channel in game is Lucifarian Order Pub if you have any questions you can ask them in there.

Do you have any requirments to join?
Cause this seems to good to be true.

just that you have discord and working mic

We are on the rise! Check out this skirmish we just got into.

working mic and discord are our only requirements.



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