Want to Rent C5s

Looking to make billions in wormhole space and drown in blue loot? Worried about getting evicted and losing everything? Want to try it out without worrying about finding and taking a hole?
Look no further, reach out to one of our C5s rental agents today to find out our rates!

Fueling and protection of citadels are fully covered by rent!

Send a mail to Beast Tivianne or Captian Lebron James in game for more info!

Stock- 5-5 RG

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New holes add to stock to the top!


Holes come and go every day isk isk is forever!


CVs ready to rent!


To the top!

5-3 red giant added to inventory! And evictions can be done dont hesitate to reach out!

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Still have the red giant up for rent

5-3 RG and buying a 5-5 soon. Reach out to rent!


This does not at all look like a trap set up to murder some marauders.

My CEO Cyrus is fully on board and good with this as long as you are renting you will not die to a SYNDE member!

Also C5-3 Red Giant and vanilla up for Rent Message me if interested!

5-5 rg added to stock

To The TOP!


Red Giant holes are great for farming get one today!