WANT to sell a 52m SP poilt

Want to sell a 52m SP poilt

Trade starts from 45(low to 40) billion

Located in high-sec

positive balance

skillboard here:https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/W0-1229S

I can offer 30b

30b is too low for me

low to 35b sry

Sorry it is way too high for this character.
Good luck

thx is 32b ok

i change my idea

Let’s meet at 31b ?!

omg that ok bro

Ok sending ISK and account info.

Thx you

wait for a moment plz

Ah ! I already sent everything

here it is

You dont have to link all those picture.

sry i am a starter on the forum

and im not a good English user you see

No worries. Do you know how to transfer your character ?

And don’t forget to send the ISK to an other pilot before initiating to transfer.

yea i know so your account and name?

I sent you a mail ingame with all informations

all right

ticket written transfer is done

topic is closed

I received the mail.
Thx you