Wanting to join a Gallente FW New player friendly Corporation

New to the game, wanting to try some FW, if anyone has any open spots let me know!

there are no specific FW player corps… when you join FW you join one of the NPC corps.

Are you sure about that?

So i was half right

If you join as a solo player, you will leave your current corporation (be it a player-run or NPC corporation) and automatically join one of the four militia corporations (NPC-run corporations which are populated exclusively by other players enlisted in Factional Warfare for a given empire):
Players must be in a corporation flagged for Factional Warfare to participate. Therefore, it’s not possible for individuals in a player-run corporation to either join Factional Warfare on their own – they have to leave their corporation, and join a different one which is operationally flagged for FW, such as the NPC ones listed above. Conversely there is no way for an individual in a FW corp to opt out – if the corporation changes their flag to join the militia, every member of that corporation automatically joins with the corp.

I assumed (my bad) that the corp transferred into the npc corp.

I know we’ve helped corps get their individual member standings to zero so corps can join

If you want to support Minmatar, try Mackies Raiders. Good folks.

Aideron Robotics is the main GalFW alliance

I would second Aideron Robotics. Ashterothi makes a point to generate content for the people of Eve and CoE does have the Aideron grouo for Gallente FW

N. Kondur
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