Wanting US TZ PVP corp to come be the lead in our alliance for this TZ

-DSE- isn’t a strong, large group of pilots who is hardcore in it’s goals and objectives. We are a relaxed low commitment group who just want to have fun doing what we want to do, when we want to do it. Our strongest area at the moment is EU TZ but we have some great opportunities around us in the US TZ and for that reason we are on the lookout for corps to come join us!

We currently live in NPC Null with enemies close by on multiple fronts for great access to content, it isn’t overbearing and is simply just fields of opportunities around us. I want someone who can take charge in the US TZ and start to build a strong presence in the area, even if you are not strong yet but want the opportunity to build up your strength, then I am listening.

Drop me an in-game mail if you want more details

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