War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - GOONSWARM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

I joined as a newbro 1 year ago. These guys helped me to learn the game. They allowed me to grow at my own pace. I went from flying Myrmidon to Dreads. Procurer to Rorqual. I can Krab, gate camp or roam. Through it all they will help or get out of the way.

Our comms are always the hangout for the Alliance. We have fun but are serious when called for. Our Friday night drunk fleets are legendary.

In the end best proof is the veterans that have joined all say this the best corp they have been in.

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I joined 6 months ago, and for the first time, it feels like I am having fun in eve. Great group of folks here.

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Couple Q’s, do you have recruiting channel? And yer not in drone space are ya?

o7 apologies for the delayed response as I was on vacation to sunny Florida! Yes, we have an in-game recruiting channel WEF’PUB and we are in Guristas space.

Welcome to War Eagle Fleet; a well-established corp with the intent to grow beyond any singular system or type of space with operating bases in multiple regions. We offer newbro ships for those learning, leadership opportunities for those interested, mining boosts, PVP roams, industry opportunities, and an overall laid back group to fly with.

Presently, we are situated in null just 4 jumps from the regional trade hub. This offers good opportunities for just about everything while we plan our expansion. While our primary objective is to grow our ranks, we are coordinating with numerous partners throughout Eve to secure every available option of gameplay for our members. INVEST IN US AND WE WILL INVEST IN YOU.