Are you ready to take your game to the next level and engage with likeminded, fun individuals like yourself?

Who are we?

War Eagle Fleet is a large group operating under Fraternity Alliance, within WinterCo Coalition. Whilst we may be a large Corp, we pride ourselves on the close relations we form and the specialised communities within our Corp including:

  • A Large Industrial group, who take and manufacture orders for Winter Co.
  • A Specialised Black Ops group.
  • A logistics and finance group, specialising in hauling and operating the corp buyback.
  • An up and coming mining group (especially looking for new mining pilots to cover our moon pulls).
  • Daily Social Fleets, culminating in our weekly drunk fleets.
  • Daily large Coalition Military Strat Ops.
  • Coalition run Nullsec Incursion groups for ISK.
  • An abyssal group to learn how to run high tier abyssals efficiently
  • A Corp run Capital development group, helping dedicated and active pilots on their way into Capital PvP ships.
  • War Eagle Fleet Propaganda - YouTube

What are we about?

We aim to have a laid-back and open community, encouraging players to be the best at their own style of gameplay, and helping their development wherever we can. For this reason we seek to minimise limitations on our members gameplay as much as possible.


  • 10 Million SP (this is around the minimum most pilots would need to sustain a life in Nullsec).
  • The ability to listen, and preferably a mic so you can talk in comms.

Still Interested?

Join Channel : ‘WEF-PUB’ and ask to speak to a recruiter.
or head to our discord: ╬ War Eagle Fleet ╬ and ping a recruitment officer!

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