War Journal: Triglavian Collective

So, just when I was thinking I’d seen what was to see and maybe it’s time to go home, what shows up but the biggest drone I’ve ever seen in my life.

Is that a rogue drone supercarrier? Its itty-bitty escort was an infested Thanatos-class carrier, so, basically drone capships x2.

… Which then proceeded to lose the initial impression of “Ohmygods wow!” by running into a Raznaborg squadron and having a really bad time.

I mean, I get that once fighter support goes down carrier-type ships are a little vulnerable, but still that’s just embarrassing. Admittedly Triglavians do the cross-rep squad support thing really well, so they’d kind of be a nightmare if you can’t get away and can’t overpower their repairs.

Still. Raznaborg? A supercap? Really?

… Either way I guess the Collective definitely hasn’t made some kind of treaty with the rogue drones as a whole. It looks like Pochven is properly a multifactional war zone.

Also … while I’m still seeing a lot of stuff out here, pilots, I’m really getting tired. Four weeks. It’s starting to feel like really, definitely time to go home. Decant. Have a scrub. See if my skin disintegrates.

Try and remember how to walk.

Yeah. Soon.

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