War Journal: Triglavian Collective

Are - Are you offering to give me corpses to offer to the Drifters?


Well. If you are willing to give me these corpses, I will attempt to drop them in view of some Drifters and document the results. I’m currently docked at Jita 4-4 myself.
If you could also find a wormhole from known space into Pochven, that would certainly be appreciated and make this… experiment… more feasible.
This is not what I was expecting to wake up to. [shrug]

send me a message when you are at jita

There was someone years ago who experimented with this, sir. I seem to remember the results were mixed-- I think they can’t be packed too close together for one thing?

Also I don’t think the Drifters ever showed anything like gratitude. The autothysian lancers might even get aggressive if they detect biomass in your cargo; I don’t know if they still do that.

Things may be different now. That’s basically what we’re testing for. If you could find a link to those results, a control group of sorts would not be amiss.

I’ve been looking but don’t see it offhand. Someone with ARC might have it; they tend to be good about keeping track of data. Better than I am for sure.

Today’s visit to T-space did not uncover any Drifters. In addition, neither of the two wormholes present led to a Drifter system. This almost completely invalidates the “Drifters making wormholes” theory.
My conclusion is that the new types of wormholes are a symptom of Totality, not artificially induced.
At least in the system I visited today. So far my sample size is two visits to separate systems. I believe this system is classified as a “border” system. It’s possible no Drifter forces were there simply to prioritize other systems.

When you say “didn’t led to drifter system”, you mean by using a drifter generated one ? With the large stabilization device? Or the natural ones ?

The two wormholes present were my entry point and a wormhole that scanned as an R081 class.

Perhaps of note, the class R081 had environmental anomalies identical to other wormholes into Pochven.

Then it’s normal, this class of wormhole don’t lead to drifter controlled space.

Can you give more details on those environmental anomalies?

As I said, these anomalies are shared by all Pochven wormholes. There is a small pocket of deadspace preventing warp-in any closer than… approximately 70km if memory serves. In addition, the hole appears to have either embedded itself or burst forth from a small field of rock, theorized to be Isogen-10 by Ms Jormagdnir as I recall.
Consulting my notes, it appears R081 is one of the new classifications. Interesting that it lead from one system in Pochven directly into, theoretically, another Pochven system. This bears further investigation. Unfortunately I am currently involved in unrelated matters.

I overlooked this a couple days ago. Seems Zorya has a bit more to say, and it’s not just a checked-off shopping list this time.

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So … this is a little alarming. Maybe only if you’re a Triglavian, though.

Usually the view out from Kuharah isn’t very interesting. There’s not a lot you can see through all the distortion, so, it’s alarming without being edifying.

Today I spotted this.

Pilots, that’s Caroline’s Star, shining right through the disruption. I feel like this can’t be a coincidence, but has anyone else been seeing this?


So, just when I was thinking I’d seen what was to see and maybe it’s time to go home, what shows up but the biggest drone I’ve ever seen in my life.

Is that a rogue drone supercarrier? Its itty-bitty escort was an infested Thanatos-class carrier, so, basically drone capships x2.

… Which then proceeded to lose the initial impression of “Ohmygods wow!” by running into a Raznaborg squadron and having a really bad time.

I mean, I get that once fighter support goes down carrier-type ships are a little vulnerable, but still that’s just embarrassing. Admittedly Triglavians do the cross-rep squad support thing really well, so they’d kind of be a nightmare if you can’t get away and can’t overpower their repairs.

Still. Raznaborg? A supercap? Really?

… Either way I guess the Collective definitely hasn’t made some kind of treaty with the rogue drones as a whole. It looks like Pochven is properly a multifactional war zone.

Also … while I’m still seeing a lot of stuff out here, pilots, I’m really getting tired. Four weeks. It’s starting to feel like really, definitely time to go home. Decant. Have a scrub. See if my skin disintegrates.

Try and remember how to walk.

Yeah. Soon.

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That’s the biggest Rogue Drone I’ve seen that hasn’t been in the illustrated edition of Gutter Press.

Just how big was it ? It looks many km in length.

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it’s basicaly an ugly station

Out, and safe back at home. Got recalled; Directrix Daphiti’s orders.

No photos of the trip back, sorry. One thing I did notice is that the wormhole I found in Kuharah was a greedy thing that towed my ship to it regardless of my navigational directions. That’s a bit scary. If there’d been something at the warp-in I’d have been exposed and probably killed. Maybe that’s not quite how it works, though; deadspace effects can get weird. Anyway, close call.

Wandered through Anoikis a bit and found an exit into Matari space, about 20 jumps from home. So, here I am.

Oh, it’s nice to have toes and such again. Pod decant wasn’t pleasant and I’m still getting used to stuff like walking again, but my skin didn’t come sloughing off or anything. It is a little sensitive though. Had a good long sleep, which helps.

Really, it’s just good to be home.

See you 'round space, pilots. Time for breakfast.


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