War loophole and fix to it

With the introduction of the War HQ the hi sec wars the game has become more interesting. However there are things that I would consider an exploit in my book and those issues should be addressed. Going around the meaning of the winning conditions of the war is a mechanic that is so unjust. Many newer players will experiment with structures in Hi Sec and should they actually Win WHQ they should have the reward that is in the rules and not to lose their citadel timer to the same group that is using a loophole in EvE corporation rules…

Once the WHQ is killed nothing stops pilots to move to a new corporation that has or will declare a war to the same target. The restriction is only when they can return to the same corp that they left. So you cannot really defend your hi-sec timers by killing the enemy WHQ since pilots will jump to different corporations for the next timer.

‘Simple fix would be if the pilots from the attacking side will carry their war history for 14 days to the next corporation/alliance they are part of. Should the original corps WHQ be killed within that time frame and ending the war against that defender, that would result in a surrender of the attacker if it would contain members that have history in the war that just ended… So ´the members switching the corp would force the hand on war declarations and status in their new corporation… In the recruitment process there should be info which wars will be in effect if one accepts the character as a new or returning member.

Chaining wars would be fine by using different alliances or corporations. You just could not use the same pilots that have been on the corp that has lost the war.

No structures can be shot if the war is in cooldown period. That means that after killing the WHQ attacker cannot attack any structures anymore. Or the surrender mechanics could be changed. If one side surrenders, the accepting side can decide within a 0-24 hour time frame when the hostility stops. Killing WHQ will send a surrender offer.

Quickwar stats could be added and an overview of the war report. They would be on the very 1st war page. Only forcing moves are counted to that stat.

Win if the enemy surrenders or WHQ is killed
Win if war ends because other side is not longer war eligible
Draw if war expires
Lost if you surrender or lose your WHQ.
Lost If you out flag out all your structures or they are killed. Team would not be war eligible anymore

What if I want to wipe out other structures? I am forced to destroy them first, and finally attack the HQ when I grow tired of station shooting? How about keeping things very simple?

There is no rule to winning. Why not leave that up to both participants to brag in their own way(s)?

Then the solution would be by far easier:

  • Every pilot gets a personal “war cooldown” timer that will be reset to 14days every day if your corporation has an active offensive war. As long as this timer runs, you cannot join another corp or create a new one.
  • You can still leave your corp to force the timer to expire if your corp is always at war, moving to your NPC corp instead. You will need to stay there for the full 14 days before able to join another player-corp.

But seriously, the current wardec system is one whole crappy mess, frustrating 98.2%* of the players while offering the other 1.8% boring grindcontent. CCP should trash it altogether and try to think about something completely new instead of trying bandaid fixes.


Numbers entirely made-up, but still surprisingly correct. Confirmed during shocking Interview with Islandic Scientist.

Well there is a forced ways to end a war. Little bit like checkmate. So if one flips his king (surrender) or is made to stop the war or becomes non war eligible. It would be kind of cool to track those forcing moves.