1 week cooldown on dropping from active wars. Time to fix the loophole?

If you leave corp while at war, you have to wait for 7 days to rejoin. But if your corp is in an alliance, you can exit the war and rejoin in as many times as you want as long as you join another corp.

Some exploit this, to be safe from their own war declared wars 95% of the time and fight in those wars the other 5% of the time when it suits them.

Surely it’s time this loophole was closed? What’s the point in the 7 day cooldown on war dodging if you can work around it by having shell corps within an alliance to hop in and out of the war as you please?

It is being abused. Please fix this.

Kind of a semi-loophole, yes.

Although this utterly ruins the employment history of anyone doing it.

If they fix this, they should also fix people using shell corporations to anchor and maintain structures, which are then used by the actual corporation that is now able to avoid wars (while still allowing it to selectively join wars as “allies” to defend the structure). Possibly by making players pay NPC taxes everywhere if they aren’t part of a corporation with its own “station license” or some such.

The entire war system is an utter mess.

It might harm the employment history of the ones abusing this, but that doesn’t help the players who are victim of this loophole being used against them.

I agree about people using shell corporations to hold structures being an issue. Seems a bit more complicated to fix though.

The issue I posted about less so. The 7 day rejoin timer for leaving while at war needs to apply the whole alliance and not just the corp.

Nobody here can fix it. File a ticket.

I think it should be a thing, wardec or not.

If you move corp, you’ve got a 7day cool down before you can move again.

But you can always drop to an npc corp at any time.

And yes, wardecs, ACL’s and corp mechanics are messed up.


A simple trick to bypass 24-hour stasis of leaving a corp that has existed since the dawn of time but is not a declared exploit despite being contrary to intended behavior. The 24-hour cooldown mechanic sucks when there’s no war - it should be improved upon somehow (eg. applied on re-entry rather than exit). I’ve never tried it while at war so I don’t know how it interacts (I assume from Daichi’s wording implies it still works).

Sorry, to be more clear, that’s my idea of a good system.

I think being in a corp should be a choice with more commitment because it’s tied to several game mechanics.

So if you change corp, whether at war or not, you should be unable to change corp again for at least 7 days.

However, so that you are never stuck in a corp that’s getting exploited, perma-decced/camped etc you should always be able to drop to an npc corp at anytime.

Then use social groups (hinted at in the past), that can be picked up and dropped on a whim and more than one at once, to pick up the slack for things like standings, mail lists, fleet invites etc

And what’s the problem with that? the war is not declared against individual pilots, but against the Corp, it remains and is therefore at war. That the structures, with clever use, are protected from damage is another trick. But what’s the point of putting a 7-day lockout on individual players?

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