Niche not a glitch

Hey guys,

Well seeing as i have spent some time trying to fight my corner but it seems when a senior GM says that’s how it is meant to be (or probably more likely, I cannot be bothered fixing it so that’s how it’s meant to be), well lets put it this way theres no argument. Hail CCP!

The niche (not glitch apprently) is at the begining or anytime during the 24hr cooldown period at the end of a war, the agressed corporation can join an alliance without the war following them, unlike what was stated:

“a defending corporation may join an alliance, in which case the war will be moved to the alliance level as it is when the corporation finishes the alliance joining approximately 24h after their application to the alliance has been accepted. As the war will be copied in the active state, the war will usually be in a state where fights can occur and Alliance leaders have to ensure informing their alliance members if a corporation with an active war is accepted to join the alliance, so surprises once the corporation completes the joining process can be avoided. If the defending corporation has any allies in their war, these allies will drop as soon as the corporation finishes joining the alliance.”

Written on the official eve support page:

So long and short of it, if you have a war running for citadel bashes and that final timer falls within the 24hr cooldown period beware you may not be able to finish it. Or like me you track down and follow a ‘legal’ war target until your at the point of getting the kill to then realise you have just wasted 2-3 hours of your time. You may not be able to due to a Niche.

But remember this is not a GLITCH! It’s a Niche…
Well blow me down sideways i kinda thought they were two words of the same meaning but hell what do I know I ain’t a senior GM.

Peace out

Sorry to hear you’re upset, but be careful, because we may not be allowed to discuss GM decisions on the forum.

What’s a ‘GM’ ?

Wars follow when corps join and leave an alliance. They duplicate in their current state so if say 2 weeks were paid and its only been 11 days it will copy the war across as is. Do you have an example of it not working properly?

Just in case this is a serious question… it is a game master. Sort of the police, judge and jury for game-play related problems.


Why did the war go into cooldown if you had a timer coming out?

Or more directly, why didn’t you renew the war?

Good point I assumed this was a troll qustion and ignored it. my bad

Correct the war would follow to the alliance in any normal circumstance, the niche is

2 weeks of wars paid =
1 day no fighting (24 hrs).
13 days of fighting
1 day cooldown (24 hrs)

If the corporation were to join in any of those timers the by rights should transfer to the alliance…

But it does not, if they join in the last timer, the 24 hour cooldown, the war does not transfer over.

I did not get caught out by a timer, i was notifying others so they do not get caught out by this ‘Niche’.

Joining an alliance and leaving has always been interesting on wars

So you are saying an still active war is not moved to the alliance level in case the defender effectively joins the alliance during the last 24h before the war ends, with the side effect that the war ends up to 24h earlier than expected and paid for?

Thanks. It was indeed a serious question, not all of us grew up in a ‘gaming environment’ where such terms are well-known.

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Not to be jerk, but CCP doesn’t care at all about wars, wardeccing or the mechanics. I asked them at fanfest about it and they are planning on instituting a fozzie sov solution where you have a structure that you must defend in space to have an active war. Honestly this stinks that it happened to you but I don’t think its going to change anytime soon

Um… How would a GM fix this? It’s not like the GM is coding the game. They can suggest a change or point a bug to be fixed, but they cannot change a game mechanic. So to blame a GM seems… Short sighted. They can only play the hand they are dealt which is not that of a developer.

Now I am also confused… Why not extend the dec. You pay per week and as long as you pay the bill, the war goes on. If it is looking like it is that close, extend the war. If you mean after concord invalidates the war because a bill was not paid or you didn’t opt to extend the war, that is not CCP’s fault buy your own.

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