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Yes, the heat only affects the virus on flat surfaces, and, possibly make it less damaging, through the air.
Cohesion is a good term compared to coherence…
Compared to level of cohesion, and level of coherence, and levels of certainty, and certainty ratio, designed from engineering. (It also has to do with uncertainty.)

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for developing new method of genome editing

French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier and American biochemist Jennifer A. Doudna were awarded the prize for developing a method of genome editing known as CRISPR. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement: “This technology has had a revolutionary impact on the life sciences, is contributing to new cancer therapies and may make the dream of curing inherited diseases come true.”

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We may have a vaccine by the end of the year - Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID - 19): WHO Update

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The most important new thing now , sounded like ,
the most important meme…

A vaccine wont be ready for several years.

SARS-CoV-2 can survive for around 9 hours on the human skin.

Places where transfer of the virus can take place is at the time clock. Some places use the fingerprint clock in method while others use time cards and even personal accountability of tracking people ay wotk.

The fingerprint clock in would be very susceptible to passing the virus onto someone else.

If you are shedding and sneeze into your hand then after your 8 shift is over with, you clock out using the finger print clock.

Unless someone wipes the finger print port off, people using the finger print clock are now exposed to SARS-CoV-2 for the next 72 hours.

The next problem are those who have developed anti-boddies to SARS-CoV-2, touch the finger print port, pick the virus up and then stop at the gas station on the wat home.

The person had touched money that they hand to the cashier, they have touched numerous products thus spreading the virus from the skin to plastic surfaces that allow the virus to remain active for up to 72 hours.

I have the Flu. Got it at work yesterday after working in extremely hot, the cool and being sprayed with water that we use to cool our products down with.

I felt fine when I left work, but when I got up early today after feeling like my head was was a lit match stick, I thought it best to go to the doctor.

Comparison between the Flu/SARS-CoV-2

Fever - no, chills yes. Temperature was 96.4
Cough - no
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing - no
Fatigue - definitely extreme fatigue
Headache - head pounded all day long.
Loss of taste or smell - no, ate some peas, gravy and biscuits early, smell was incredible.
Congestion or runny nose - slight running of nose with early morning sneezing jihad.
Nausea or vomiting - no, not until I seen your wife, dude, get a woman.
Diarrhea - no, but my stool was olive drab. > Food may be moving through the large intestine too quickly, such as due to diarrhea. As a result, bile doesn’t have time to break down completely.

I have also been very dizzy when getting up in the afternoon to go work or during the night while urinating. The Flu must effect the balance of an infected person as well as I normally don’t have dizzy spells that make the room spin for about 10 seconds after I get up and start walking.

You could get a flu shot if you don’t tell them, but it will only work for the next ones.

It won’t fix the current one.

I have to get a new one.
I just had my flu shot when the pandemic started, or, a few months after.

1 minute later:
If you tell them, they will feel wrongfully compelled to tell you it doesn’t work, while trying to sell you that it won’t, and misinterpret that info to you to mean something else than it is, by changing details and taking it out context.

They then try to sell the system to someone else which increases their income.

So, even though they lie in this case, if you don’t tell them, they might give it to you, which would prevent subsequent cases, and, is still better than if you didn’t have any.

2 minutes later:
How do I know?

Well, I know because that I did get a flu shot like that once, and, it stopped a 2nd flu that I would have gotten if I didn’t get that shot after, while they were misinterpreting it by misinforming me about that it wouldn’t work, when in fact, it does not work for other details than the details that matters in this case.

Also, food poisoning or hyper-acidity can worsen flu symptom, or, amplify them, or, worsen the condition.

Steam white rice can help to absorb acid from the stomach to help stabilize the metabolism of avoid stronger reactions from the change, to adapt.

Additionally, if you get a Gastroenteritis, it won’t help to eat the white steam rice, or, so it may seem, however, it will be better than nothing, but then, you would need electrolytes from special drinks, like Gatorade, or other with electrolytes in them.

Novel coronavirus survives 28 days on glass, currency, Australian researchers find.

The US could see as many as 400,000 Covid-19 deaths by this winter, Dr. Fauci predicts.

It’s worse than before in Canada.

The worst records days are now, due to changes in rules.

I meant, I felt bad just even to see people sitting in a bar with no masks, being mislead to think it was ok.

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…was relieved to learn she had been exposed to #COVID19. Why? She believed she had the virus in March but didn’t qualify then for a swab test to confirm. An antibody test confirmed she had indeed been hit with the virus(.)

4 hours later:

Coronavirus: Herd immunity “not an option,” WHO says as COVID-19 cases resurge globally | FULL

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4 days later, 3 days after last update:

Yeah, one more thing, to take data with privacy when it’s not medical is taking medical data privacy, and, rather, secrecy, as in medical trade secret, out of context, and lead to confusion and inaccurate medical data.

Leave the privacy to medical expert, not information expert.

Go ahead and interfere against it, and suffer the medical consequences even if you are not facing it.

The best thing for me to do is to design the app for COVID-19 that would work, and which process they would need.
I would have to design them in flowchart and DFD, not because I am a beginner, but due to theft of my code and other attacks against me.
Those systems are more cost-efficient for me.

I already have to be against authorities who stole my code and investigate how they did, and how they try to steal more and refuse to protect and try to create lies with false communication about facts.
It’s already in courts against them.

Not only are they not paying enough to encourage,
but they also attack to try to discourage,
and misrepresent complacency and other conditions related to facts,
and try to cover with copyright which those facts are protected from.

Well, no kidding, that in itself is a communicated misrepresentation of facts.
Copyright are protected in fact, facts are not protected by copyrights themselves.
Someone can write about facts, and the writings can be registered for copyright, and, protected in fact.

It’s like saying, someone writes a scientific book on medicine, and, it can’t be protected by copyright because copyright doesn’t protect facts.
The copyright doesn’t protect anything in fact.
The security in charge of protecting the copyright does protect it, those attacking that security against those rights, don’t protect it.
If a legal system attacks a copyright and misrepresent it as making no-sense to discredit it from being able to exist, they are the ones liable for it.

You may have to register the copyright in another country if they try to steal your work there.
I find this happens all the time.

The scientific merit from the copyright is protected, and, it can be used by others.
Just because someone can use an idea which is in a copyright protected material doesn’t mean that the benefit of science cannot be used.
That’s ridiculous.
It’s like saying that a trade secret for an atomic system is not a state secret and that it can only be used for business and so on.

It’s utterly unscientific, and most likely hides patterns of theft and intent to misappropriate rights and to misrepresent justice and to discriminate and to pay others to discriminate.
It is evil in essence and deserves to be eradicated from this earth and our satellite, and the surrounding planets and systems.

How Fast Covid-19 Is Eating Homes Up In The U.S.

Currently there are 141.25 million homes in the U.S. approximately. Full homes and apartments have been included.

328.22 million Americans live in the U.S.

Averaged out, each home or apartment contains 2.32 human units.

At the last count, 217,867 Americans have died from Covid-19.

Covid-19 is consuming human units at a rate of 0.001542 units per household on a daily basis. Not quite at the 1.0 human unit consumption rate per day, per household but its getting there.

Compared to the flu, Covid-19 is consuming more humans in one year then, the last six or seven years of the flu.

Human units consumed by the flu last was, 34,157. That’s 2.418194690265487e-4 human units per house hold that were consumed per day during the flu season of 2018-2019.

Excuse me, but I must head to maintenance for a lube and grease job.

Good for comparative measures, however, your sample need a bit more details to make them more representative and more meaningful.

For instance,
what is the rate of 0.001,542 units is achieved from?
What is the daily basis calculated on?
When is the first day calculated in?
I assume they are consecutive days, but, are they?

217,867 divided by 2.32 is equal to 93,908.189 household.
Now, the rates is the worse in New York on earth.
Some states and cities are better than other counties on earth.
The rates improved from 50% and over 50% to 20%, compared to global totals.
Inversely, India worsened more than 3 times as fast in the last 2 to 3 months, with practically no existent medical system to prevent overload.
Moscow as similar problems although they have technology in place, the, the stress level is high.

Since the virus affects the nervous system, it reacts in high stress area.

Because, the parameters, or, operand, are also related to the totals, from which averages are measured from, or, other calculations, from which those numbers are achieved to.

It is worse than the flu.

You must also factor in emergency measures which the flu doesn’t have, and, other factors, including internet, special tests, and so on.
So many factors, in so little time, with no vaccines, compared to the flu.

Lilsteel, did you eat paint chips when you were growing up?

No, but I got my paint tickets for international trade union and my neighbor had a car paint company and we used to have our car painted there every so many years.

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WHO Changes Stance: Lockdowns Are Bad Now

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Euno11 second ago

People work, but need protection.

Too much lockdown isn’t going to solve the problem, it will cause problems.
The problem is that they will not work enough, and it will cause problems from the lack of work, products, services.

Wearing masks for money is not complicated.

Also, a wrecking ball with fraud.

Lockdown already have essential services working.
I have more than 10 essential work jobs.
Bad lockdown is not good for economy.
Too much lockdown is not good.
Not enough protection in hazardous conditions is not good.

Everyone can learn how to prevent damage in hazardous conditions.
Those who refuse are liable for damage.
Damage to them if the refusal caused them.
Damage to others if the refusal caused others.

Deteriorating mental health?
How can a mental health deteriorate when the guy’s already too crazy to protect himself and others, and blame the ones healthy for being crazy when they are more crazy, and can’t see that the result of their test onto others is as good as they are.?

It does not deteriorate.
The guy’s mental health is already flawed, and no, he can’t see what a mask or protection is good.
He can’t understand when explained and proven because his mental health is not good enough to learn and do it.
So, he shouldn’t work, and, maybe, he should be in a mental hospital, except, hospitals are overloaded…

On top of that, please, quit interfering against my marriage with alienation, when their marriage dies.

3 days later:
COVID-19 · 1 hour ago

A doctor from India is winning hearts with this dance video for COVID-19 patients

A video of a doctor on COVID-19 duty, dancing in a protective suit to cheer up patients at a hospital in India’s Assam, is winning praise for the medical professional’s efforts. The video is of Dr Arup Senapati, a surgeon who works at Assam’s Silchar Medical College.

Video via @drsfaizanahmad

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Coronavirus cases surpass 40 million globally with 8 million in the United States

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#WHO #WorldHealthOrganization #COVID19

LIVE: World Health Organization delivers coronavirus update

132 watching now

We are family.

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Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Claims Coronavirus Lab ‘Cover-Up’ Made Her Flee China | Loose Women

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Whistleblowers silenced by China could have stopped global coronavirus spread | 60 Minutes Australia

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The Science Behind the Coronavirus, Series II

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The Necessity of the Immune System

251,248 views • Jul 15, 2010
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T cell, also called T lymphocyte, type of leukocyte (white blood cell) that is an essential part of the immune system. T cells are one of two primary types of lymphocytes—B cells being the second type—that determine the specificity of immune response to antigens (foreign substances) in the body. ~ Jan 31, 2020

The current Covid-19 virus is not the same one we saw in March: Holy Name Medical Center CEO

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Bill Gates on regulating Big Tech: ‘We’re in uncharted territory’

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Bill Gates on pushback against masks: ‘We tell people to wear clothes’

9,783 views • Oct 14, 2020
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People rather die than wear a mask.

They want their government to protect their right to breathe freely and don’t want to work in an environment which is endangering their ability to breathe without a mask.

Some people have medical conditions which makes them unable to wear masks.

Full Gates: We ‘Don’t Want Politicians Saying’ Which Covid Drugs Should Be Approved | Meet The Press

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Covid-19’s Envelope

VIC - Viral Investigation Computer Program

Does SARS-CoV-2 have an envelope ? : Yes
What is a viral envelope ? : A viral envelope is the outermost layer of many types of viruses. It protects the genetic material in their life-cycle when traveling between host cells. Not all viruses have envelopes. The envelopes are typically derived from portions of the host cell membranes, but include some viral glycoproteins.

So in order for SARS-CoV-2 to have developed, the virus would had to have coded the cellular material from the original host, the animal host? After the virus was passed from the original animal host to the first human host, the replicating animal SARS-CoV-2 virus would have begun using the human hosts cell to create its envelope from, thus SARS-CoV-2 would have slowly replicated away the envelope that the virus used animal cells to replicate that were then replaced by human cells to grow the envelope during replication. The envelope made of cells taken from the very first person who died from a SARS-CoV-2 infection in China might still have some of the original host animal cells contained within the SARS-CoV-2 envelope that might not have been replicated out of the SARS-CoV-2 itself.

If some of the SARS-CoV-2 samples from the first human death to Covid-19 in China contains enough RNA data relating to the animal host where SARS-CoV-2 originated from, then further studies can proceed in how to develop a vaccine that inactivates the virus just as it docks with the human ACE(2) receptor.

Some process in how the virus is able to build an envelope from both animal and human host cells is the key to stopping SARS-CoV-2. There must be a base protein that is part of both the original animal host and the human host that allows SARS-CoV-2 to develop its envelope from. A base protein that both animal and human hosts have that would be as common as air to the animal and human host. Without the envelope being able to be replicated in both animal and human hosts, the SARS-CoV-2 would not have been able to dock with its very first human host to then incorporate host cell material to create its human based envelope from.

Throwing the ability of SARS-CoV-2 to properly replicate its envelope into disarray would stop the virus in it’s tracks.

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The U.S. is now in the third surge of the Covid-19 pandemic, which could be the most deadly surge of the year.

In Ohio, more people are hospitalized with the coronavirus than at any other time during the pandemic. North Dakota, which is leading the nation in coronavirus cases per capita, reported more than 1,000 cases on Tuesday, the state’s worst daily total yet. And as of Monday, 16 states had added more cases in the prior week than in any other seven-day stretch.

After weeks of spread and warnings in certain areas, a third surge of coronavirus infections has now firmly taken hold across much of the United States.

The latest wave — which is raging most acutely in the Midwest and the West, but is also spreading in various areas around the country — threatens to be the worst of the pandemic yet.

Its arrival comes as cooler weather is forcing people indoors, setting up a grueling winter that will test the discipline of many Americans who have grown weary of wearing masks and turning down invitations to see family and friends. Over the last week, the country has averaged about 59,000 new cases a day, the most since the beginning of August. The daily total could soon surpass 75,687, a record previously set on July 16.

The high case count — which has so far not translated to soaring deaths — in part reflects increased testing. With about one million people tested on many days, the country is getting a far more accurate picture of how widely the virus has spread than it did in the spring.

But the latest developments also reflect a serious new level of the outbreak. Hospitalizations, the most accurate picture of how many people are seriously sick from the virus, are on the rise nationwide, worrying many public health officials. A rise in deaths tends to lag behind a spike in cases. And deaths are creeping up in places: Officials in Wisconsin reported 36 on Tuesday, a single-day record.

Deaths among hospitalized patients have also dropped, to 7.6 percent from 25.6 percent in the spring, according to one study. That may be because doctors have better treatments at hand, and the patients are younger and in better health on average than those in the first wave.

Still, Dr. Michael Osterholm, an infectious diseases expert at the University of Minnesota, recently offered an ominous warning: With infections rising and compliance eroding, he said, “the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic.”

Being a little bored, I decided to the mirror the number of Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. and created two symmetrical versions of Covid-19 deaths.

Bill Gates said the 2nd wave would be October 19, 2020, last Monday.

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Your Textbooks Are Wrong, This Is What Cells Actually Look Like

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monoclonal antibodies

A monoclonal antibody (mAb or moAb) is an antibody made by cloning a unique white blood cell. All subsequent antibodies derived this way trace back to a unique parent cell. Monoclonal antibodies can have monovalent affinity, binding only to the same epitope (the part of an antigen that is recognized by the antibody).

### Monoclonal antibody - Wikipedia
en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Monoclonal_antibody

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo: “New York Has A Lower Infection Rate Than The White House”

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Was Randy Responsible For the COVID-19 Pandemic? - SOUTH PARK

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Over 2,700 new COVID-19 cases in Canada, setting new record

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