War On Corona Virus!

We are facing a severe health crisis worldwide and it is time that we, as citizens of New Eden, take up responsibility and fight the Corona Virus threat with all means!

I hereby urge all fellow capsuleers to:

  1. Secure a decent amount of toilet paper, drinks and rations ASAP and keep it nearby.
  2. Don’t leave your home.
  3. Instead spend as much time as possible in front of your screen in order to avoid needless interaction
    with real world people.
  4. Reach out to all contacts via phone and/or social media and convince them of the undeniable advantages of a virtual existence, Internet Spaceships and cloning technology.
  5. Use the buddy programme and or other baits/threats if necessary to get them online.
  6. As an alliance leader, diplomat or fleet commander please start as many wars as possible and saturate all available pilots with CTAs. Local governments will support your efforts in the coming weeks by shutting down all other activities or duties that might interfere.
  7. As a representative of CCP, please consider not placing EVE ads in my browser (I already know the game), but instead target people who don’t and make them aware that it is of vital importance that as many people as possible start playing online games NOW!
  8. As a real world doctor, nurse, pharmacist or person with any other health sector related occupation - forget all of the above and do your job. You are the real heroes now!
  9. Spread the word!

It is absolutely crucial to strictly adhere to these guidelines for the following weeks or months.
Together we stand a chance to stop the spread and save this planet!
Thank you for your attention.


But what about SKINs?

I wish I could sit and play Eve all day. But some of us have to work for a living.


Why work? The government just takes all your money in taxes if you do that!


I’m going to go to my local store and fill three entire shopping carts full of cornbread mix to make people think that I know something they don’t and they panic and rush to the next store for cornbread mix…


I was gonna do that with toothpaste instead. Make them really wonder wtf is up.


I once went to Walmart and they were completely sold out of spoons. They had forks and knives, but not a single spoon.

Go to WalMart and buy every roll of toilet paper they have, go home, place it all in a pile and set it on fire, film it and put it up on YouTube and Twitter and watch the hate comments roll in…

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So I heard about the stores being a madhouse and people buying up all the toilet paper where I live. I was like, “huh, I wonder how much toilet paper I have left?”

4 rolls.

Welp, looks like it’s either going to be paper towels, or I’ll have to take a shower after every poop.

Yay for that.

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This is EvE, where correct conduct is always counter to expectations. So, start the fight back by going out, mingling and increasing your chance of infection.

As a typical Eve player ie not too young, not too old ( = 99% older than 18, 99% younger than 60 ? ) your chances of survival are extremely high. Once healed, you are immune and can go anywhere on extremely cheap holidays. Chances of having an uncomfortable time during healing are also quite low, based on evidence this disease is actually quite mild. Except when it is severe enough to kill you. That latter detail is a bit inconvenient, but is also mainly determined by age and underlying health as summarized neatly by @Shipwreck_Jones .

Given that even the mighty 'ol U S of A cannot invent a vaccine for another year, I’m sure some clever capsuleer can spreadsheet the saved global cost if every healthy person rushed out and self-vaccinated instead?


Where i live the panic hasn’t been to bad, but when the first case was announced closer to sweden. In my town you couldn’t get hold of any dust masks, yep people had rushed stores to buy every dustmask they could get hold of.
It made me wonder if the virus as as big as dust particles, cause otherwise they are totally useless…

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Virus is expelled with a bit of bodily fluids or water in breath and then sticks to particles of dust and to air water and then transfers with air into another organism, if it gets onto mucous membranes, it can get in contact with cell and then reprograms that cell to produce more viruses.

Also go donate any spare computing cycles to Stanford’s distributed-protein-folding project and let your corpies know they can do this. ncov-19 is on their list of things to work on.

They’ve been around for a while


The plan is:

Just leave it in professionals hands.


Now is the time to decide whether the Jasper Arrow and other ships like her become floating hospitals to transfer the infected too or do these large ships become home to uninfected people chosen to be taken from the mainland and kept safe for the next 120 days.

Ships that are currently in port that are designed to transport food and are medically safe, meaning they are designed to protect against diseases and viruses, should be used to either treat the infected, thus removing them from the populace or to ensure that a portion of un-infected people are kept safe for the next 120 days.

Its a decision that has to be made, now.

SARS-CoV-2 could be a latent virus. Meaning that it could hide in the infected persons body only to resurface at a later time and date.

Get them off of the mainland.

I’m just glad you are not in change of anything Dryson. :crazy_face:

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Just wait until the Coronavirus breaks down the efforts to stop and contain other viruses and outbreaks such as Ebola.

Africa is the place to watch for the bloom of Ebola to emerge from.

I’d get borders in place now around Africa before Zero Point in Africa is reached.

As of February, 2020 the Ebola outbreak in Africa is still on going.

Now lets put this scenario into perspective. You have SARS-CoV-2 that is a novel virus that there is no vaccine for. Its infection rate is 100%. It can’t be tracked and effectively stopped because it will have already have jumped to a new person.

The Ebola containment teams in Africa begin to get sick and can’t treat people because they are infected with Coronavirus. The Ebola containment effort then begins to slowly erode to nothing.

Now we have two lethal viruses on the Earth spreading in all directions at once. Coronavirus is merely holding the world hostage until Ebola can be broken out of its containment.

Vitamin D suplementation daily, and no anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic drugs when it gets you. The way it works, the fever and strong immune system is the best defence against it.

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