What capsuleers think about this COVID-19 thing?

Obviously this COVID thing is some kind of a dangerous ■■■■. People, probably, with chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, AIDS are very vulnerable to this virus. However, the reaction worldwide is very strange, and as we can see, day to day it has a growing economical impact. Life is becoming similar to the human life in the Matrix (movie) - where everybody must lay in his canned food barrel connected to the augmented reality. Here is annual statistics deaths by cause, btw:

During this morning, in a lockdown, I surfed Youtube a bit and found these cool videos:

And the comment posted below just made my day. So, I decide to share this to you.


And how it is related to EVE?

There is already one Thread here about it. So go there


Well, because of this, there is no EVE Fanfest this year at least…

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OOPE for this

Guess he forgot to link the message from CCP Hellmar,

Anyway, in the message one of the many important things he said was:

Right now, it’s essential for our healthcare workers to have access to - among other things - as many N95 level masks as possible, so that they do not have to face this battle missing any valuable resource from their armory! To help support this message, I’d like to share a concept we have been experimenting with in our character creation system:

So you can see as Capsuleers we all need to do our part too… :wink:


Our media is more or less already consumed by covid 19 coverage. I’d rather not have to keep reading about it in my internet spaceship game any more than I have to, thanks.


Was there somebody twisting your arm to make you read this thread?

If so then you definitely need to enforce Social Distancing.



And still. How this is related to what OP wrote? And how things that OP wrote are related to EVE?

We don’t need more of this mess here. So at least keep it in one place if people feel so force to talk about this crisis.

Rather, people need to start to follow rules of this forum.

I don’t think your charts is relevant, this new coronovirus would have an inimaginable deathtoll,
by direct death or due to that : while everyone copping with this virus, any other forms of illness would be not well treated.

Could be worse than malaria …and in a way could be related to the “Respiratory Diseases”

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Fun fact, if you take the current infected/deaths/critical cases rates and modify them up to 7 billion people you end up with 300-350 million dead and 200-240 million in critical care (many of whom will not survive and will completely overload hospitals). Also because of how infectious this bug is, with an average R0 value of 2.5 to 3, chances of it infecting literally everyone are fairly high.

This is without mentioning the evidence that people who recover can be reinfected, the fact that there are already two strains of it (so it mutates quickly), and that those who do recover have 10-20% long term or permanent lung functionality impairment due to tissue damage.

But yeah, keep on being one of those jackasses comparing it to the flu. Maybe the families of someone that dies from it will thank you.


Guess you didn’t read the part where I said he probably forgot to link the message from CCP Hellmar. Also you completely bypassed the wink at the end of my post.

And now you post a quote of mine from a different reply and present it out of context just so you can piss more vinegar onto this thread.

How about you set an example and follow your own advice.

And how that message make this related to EVE?

Because it’s a message from CCP Hellmar?

Anyway, did somebody twist your arm and force you to read / post a reply in this thread?

Good gawd, you people will go out of your way just to find something to bitch about.

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I’m asking how that message from CEO, makes what OP wrote related to EVE?

I can ask you same thing.

Moved from General Discussion to OOPE.

Maybe you missuderstood this thread. It’s not that kind of information source (like media) which works in a command mode: do this, do that, look at them because…

It’s a thread about your thoughts over the situation, being a part of subculture called EVE community. In my opinion, an EVE veteran must be very suspicious towards any social propaganda activities, which forces peoples to do uncommon things.

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They told us, that before winter the vaccine will be ready.

The main way to deal with this disaster is to make a vaccine. That’s all. Hospitals can’t hold so many people. The main question is: “For how long people will be able to stay in quarantine?”… millions of people… billions of people. Food and other trivial things will end soon. A lot of antisocial things can hapen further… like in EVE, when a corporation or alliance becomes weak.

The COVID-19, without a vaccine, will put mid-aged people in front of a brutal decision: to save the parents and grandparents or to save the kids!

I didn’t jump into the thread looking to piss all over it like you did.

Yeah, that mask. The situation just gone too far you know. And some guys are insulting me in this thread because I mentioned something about it.

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