So I know that everyone one of you know that we have amazing website development resources in our EVE community. We have great coordination and leaders who are in our EVE Community. We come from all walks of life and across the world.

I believe if we started and open discussion and coordination between our community we can develop digital tools that can save lives.

It is worth a shot if we can work together.

Talk it out and start communicating. I know you can do it.
Could coordinate mask shortages with real time open to the public information.
Could track the infections much more closely
Could make a unified global system to get it done
These are just Ideas but if we can save one life it would be worth it.

It is time to re-purpose our tools and assets that the world of MMORPG to put to real world use.

We’re all going to get sick.

The only thing that can save lives is:

  • More hospital beds
  • Ventilators
  • PPE
  • Voting out Trump in Nov. No Joke He sucks bad.

Everyone seems to be doing fine but the US. Which is currently led by the stupidest person on the planet.

He’s a pile of excrement.

As having worked on the Ebola Response in Mbandaka and currently working for EMS now in the US.

I can just tell you. Trump IS THE PROBLEM. End of story.

His administration, like Hitler’s, is full of sycophants and ideologues who believe professionals are lying to them and government is the problem. If Trump can read big if he would have read Hitler’s “Fuehrerprinzip” which would explain Trump’s administration’s tendency to just cut-throat each other into being fired or quitting.

As such, they are INCAPABLE of doing anything other than cutting off each other’s balls and ruining the United States.

trum p isnt the issue i think right now…

for example he made a motion to give ppl x amount $$$ to help.

That female dog of an unsavory word Pelosi however is stifling a bill in progress by adding to it dumb garbage like Corporate relief stuff…which has started a fight over the stimulus relief bill.

Who in the hell cares about corporate garbage…
Trump mentioned giving citizens a check…
Pelosi hates trump, and added stuff to give Corporations money and relief over the avg citizen…

she needs to be recalled by her constituents (and any other Congress person like her) and fired.

Let me explain this to you from experience fighting real epidemics (and now this pandemic).

TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION is guilty of crimes against humanity.

In the US right now, this very second, is a war against free-speech, to spread lies and propaganda on a military-scale to make President Trump’s inability to do anything, look like a massive coordinated “best possible effort”.

It’s a lie.

The US will have 100,000+ cases in 2 weeks, You heard it here first.

The US needs to be completely quarantined by the REST of the world.

And the US will collapse like the USSR.

I’m not fycking joking.

But whatever…go on like everything is normal.

The US cannot afford what’s about to happen to it.

The World cannot afford to let the US continue to do what it’s currently doing.

Trump is the world’s worst problem right now

You think I’m ■■■■■■■ joking so let me make it simple to you.

The US will have 100,000 confirmed cases and be 1st in the world in 2 weeks.

I haven’t been wrong.

And I’ve been working on this since Jan 10th.

It’s death rate will skyrocket to 3-4% in the next 4 weeks.

Health care in WA, CA, and NY will collapse first.

FL will be the next biggest problem area.

Some loser closed this thread, even though it’s probably the most important thread there is.

Remember what I said.

Don’t give a shite, the US is afflicted by a propaganda war that is lying about Coronavirus. Period.

Absolutely not.

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