US Coronavirus Prediction

Moderators aren’t very clear about some recent forum closures. I personally cannot tell if they close the forum because it’s off-topic in general discussion or because I’m so violently accusative of criminal failures by the Trump Administration.

This forum here is for “non-EVE” topics.

So here’s the deal.

I’ll not “troll”: I’ll make a prediction, if they don’t come true, I’ll just be quiet.

If they do come true, stop blocking the truth.

Here’s the prediction:

2 weeks - April 6 - US will have 100,000+ confirmed cases.

4 weeks - April 20 - Will have 3,000 + confirmed deaths.

Stop censoring me.

Trump admin is lying to the American people and is criminal.


political stuff might be against the rules. I’d have to check.

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Maybe, my intent isn’t to SKIRT the rules.

There’s just probably Somewhere to put political stuff?

I don’t pay that much attention, if ISD Barstowe name? just explains it better I’ll just mosey on elsewhere. Not that interested in this. But I am laying down my ultra conservative position.

My experienced position says half the weeks for the same numbers…

Um reddit? Look man, these are uncertain times for a lot of people. If you want to do some good, how about trying to be friendly and supportive, instead to bringing up political stuff that’s just going to get people’s blood boiling. Look, I have some opinions of my own, but I don’t bring it up on the forums or in game because Eve and the forums are a good diversion away from real world problems. Maybe, let’s keep it that way.

I’m so sick and tired of people thinking other people shouldn’t be held accountable for their political beliefs.

That’s ■■■■■■■ why.

Trump’s admin is a GLOBAL failure of as colossal level as Hitler.

You will look back at my thread and REMEMBER my words.

Hold him, AND HIS VOTERS accountable.

Because it literally has cost millions of lives.

YOU just don’t know it yet.

As a possible foreigner I get that you don’t see it, it’s not your primary focus.

But when the world economy implodes because the US can’t control this because it’s led by a complete lunatic…and his administration is full of CRIMINALS AND LUNATICS…you’ll come back to this thread and remember my words.

Hold them accountable

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My point is don’t take my word for it.

Measure it against my predictions.

I haven’t been wrong yet, and I have been working on THIS OUTBREAK since Jan 10.

Right now Trump’s stupid troll army is building a narrative that the problem is isolated to New York and California because of Illegal Aliens.

You have got to REALIZE the LUNACY that is happening in the US right the ■■■■ NOW.



Trump’s stupid supporters are LITERALLY blaming Mexican Immigrants, and Chinese, for this virus.


And another bunch of supporters are saying it’s not even as bad as the Flu.

And that Obama killed more people than this virus will.



My ■■■■■■■ GOD people, do you not realize that the world’s largest economy on the Earth is the modern equivalent of Hitler’s Nazis blaming Jews for ALL the problems happening.


■■■■■■■ CHRIST NOW

Well, this has been fun.

Inb4lock. Dude lay off the political BS.

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There’s no BS about it.

Chinese Virus
New York Sanctuary City gets what it deserves

These are just straight up Trump supporter’s beliefs

Leave the political BS off the forums.

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You’re going to eat those words right up your ass someday

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IDC. Political BS doesn’t belong on the forums. It’s in the rules.

Everyone in the world needs to be paying attention to the insane failures of the Trump Administration now, before it’s too late

RL BS, go away

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Sorry Chamberlain, but you need to wake the ■■■■ up

And you need to shut the ■■■■ up.

Eat those words soon loser.

Enjoy the Global Depression and the fascism coming your way

We are still waiting for the extermination camps… Please, can someone close that thread?

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