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This Thread Title can be changed to Corona Virus, which is 7 character less,
9 character less total, including the spaces…

I just put moved to to convey the meaning of moving information into this thread related to this , instead of posting it elsewhere, although it may be better posted there, depending on if it affects it (or not).

I dont get it. Are you trying to say you are infected with the virus and are currently dying?

If so, please contract me all your stuff. Just in case. It would be a waste, otherwise. And I care about you, so I’ll hold on to your stuff, and if you dont make it I will light a cyno vigil for you in some random section of space.


Maybe this guy invention on radiation can solve the virus problem after people are dead.

If I work very hard and put everything I have in it, it might be the best way to purge the infected dead from spreading and save the whole clone race, or what’s left or right of it.

Additionally, while a vigil may be nice, there are probably some ways t be more beneficial to society, not to say, including others, such as making sure they don’t also get infected…
Just because most of the people my family work in the health sector doesn’t mean that I would not specialize in the social science sector of health , or that they don’t work for WHO.

The type of contract I keep my stuff does care about it’s inventory, although I could update it once a year, or every 2 years , to compare.
I try to make sure that, if there is a waste, that I can calculate it, and use it to benefit others as well.

I usually specialize in doing more than holding on to my stuff, and make it more beneficial for others, even if some people try to make it seem that it is good to do so.

It is just a coincidence that there is a potential epidemiology inspector working on Twitch, at the exact same time, except for a few weeks or months before.
Who knows when she graduated, or WHO does not?
Like, she would actually go in Hospitals to make sure that there is no epidemic running out of control, inside the hospital(s)…

Clones are not zombies. Vote for Clones!

It also doesn’t sound good for my future marriage…
We’d have a hard time from it.

you are realy nice guy. :wink:


Well, that’s nice, I never borrowed.
Thanks for the offer and info.

I also don’t recall borrowing, except for a few modules, before incursions, which I did manage to give back to the person lending it to me, or, leaving it to me, for me to care for their stuff, and, give it back to them, after profit.

Right, it was not worth it for me.

Why and how can it be more worth it for me to start my own bank instead of investing into others , or , negotiating with them ?

If the bank is to benefit people, or, help them to solve the virus problem.

It’s a spambot, not a real person. Why CCP still hasn’t banned that bot really is beyond me.


Let me close the thread and start a new one to get rid of your spam.

Or other negativity.

No matter what, you will always be too negative, even if it was to save mankind.
They already tried to get me banned before, and even had it done, with the same eternally evil wrongful intent and acts of war, leading to death of security personnel, then tried to justify it, and even to this day, and will never admit it, even after their death and the death of their offsrpings.

Even the army confirmed with me that you were trying to attack me on top of the attacks against the communications which I will have to copyright somewhere else due to the acts of war against it.

No matter how good, it will always have been met with the same intent to make it vain, and useless, so that nothing good can come out of it, even it makes more evil. It’s just the same equal damage as the viral problem.
At least I get to show this to my fiancée and future child, if we ever get to get married, despite all those eternal attacks.

It’s like why it would be useless to accept a loan because of attempts to forfeit the EVE accounts by trying to justify interference against it, and interfere against the use or record of that interference, so as to make the loan void.

In fact, I have to file an appeal for a case about this today, as it is a deadline, although it already is with other military lawyer due to war.
I also managed to get a confirmation for a marriage, which is also related to the same interference for 8 years, 9 years next month, almost 10 years already.
As faith would have it, and, insurance contract, of the utmost good faith type, I will have to change my faith to get the marriage contract completed, due to war, and , only then, I will be able to marry my betrothed with my previous faith, for which my family gets honor and blessing from, which is also granting us with merit and worth from science, which also is in the name.
The other faith does grant me a 2nd name for it, so, that won’t solve the problem however, the self-defense and national defense will make it possible to overcome the obstacle in place from such spam.

Another good thing is, the Chaplain’s office that deals with this does have the same faith, it is not different. It is only different with the warring factions, by marriage.

What am I even reading.

Can you please close the thread?
I can’t do it and it seems going more viral than the medical budget for quarantined systems , including cyber security.
Thank you in advance.

I can edit to remove my posts, however, i’m not sure if it would be better or, sought to be.

Closed at polite request.