There is already a Covid19 Vaccine, What's your opinion about it?

This thread is originally intended for cloaky camping topic but its was a mistake so I change it to IRL topic. Some Covid19 vaccines are now in the market. what’s your opinion about it?

Dumb thread and if you want to cry about cloaks, do it in the main cloak thread.

why should I. Covert cloak is my gameplay.

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AFK cloaking is, by definition, not a playstyle. :slight_smile:

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IMO this entire GOVID story is one of the finest examples of making [RL] mounts of [imaginary] molehills in history. IMO

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LIVE: Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks in a virtual discussion on coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine

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They started distributing it today, and people are starting to get vaccinated (today in the US).
Coronavirus is the new leading cause of death, and life expectancy is one year less than before.
Comparable times were the Spanish flu of 1918, and, World War II.

They’re looking at War Measures, military triage (methods), for medical reasons.

1 minute later:
2.9 million doses have been distributed, to begin vaccination of the first Tier of people.

3 minutes later:
110,000 hospital beds used.
300,000 new cases a day.

It’s good to keep a clock for cloaky campain or camping.

5 minutes later:
It’s a real challenge.
It’s not make believe.
It’s not fake news.

7 minutes later, at 18:18.

1 hour later:

LIVE: World Health Organization holds coronavirus briefing

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Yeah I don’t trust it, specially coming from China, where all their data is out of reach from any inspection. also vaccines have security steps, testing, witch takes time. No way a 6month time is enough to follow all those

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For probably close to 100 years, maybe even more, “a cure fo the common cold” was used as a kind of joke, because the prospect was so elusive. And now it seems we have it, sort of. Covid 19 is a corona virus, and corona viruses are a type of cold virus, although you could rightly say Covid 19 is not “common” in many senses of the word.

But lo and behold, we don’t have “a” Covid 19 vaccine as the thread title says. We now have many. Moderna, CoronaVac, EpiVacCorona, Sputnik V, Astro-Zeneca, Pfizer-BioNtech and others which have been approved at least in one place, and more still awaiting approval.

This is all very sudden; too sudden. And the money on the line is HUGE PILES of it. If those two things don’t make you suspicious then clearly you are as immune to suspicion as a happy calf on a veal farm.

I would have to be on my way to coughing up a lung to get one of these vaccines. And its not that I am am anti-vac or anti-science. I am all for vaccines that are necessary and proven, but what I am reading is that neither of those caveats are truly met.

In particular this idea I keep hearing about vaccinating EVERYONE has me concerned. Unless your kid is diabetic or obese, AFAIK, your kid is not at risk. So why vaccinate children?? To protect those who are elderly or those with chronic disease? That’s just plain crazy. Even a simple saline injection comes with a risk of things like sepsis and drug mix-ups. Actual medication always comes with dosage errors. Every injection is a risk to a child’s life and health. SO, its clear you don’t give a kid a shot to try and protect some diabetic 75 year old grandpa who might die of a heart-attack tomorrow. And throw on top of that the rushed approvals of these vaccines. NOT my kid.

I could write so very much more about this, but long story short, my opinion is only positive for those who are in high risk categories…though even I admit that’s faith more than me having solid info. Other than those high risk people getting vaccinated, people need to calm down and realize that so many others have had Covid 19 and didn’t even know. Its not a death sentence. For most of us, its like the flu. Only the high risk groups have cause for panic. But man, it seems the press wants more clicks for cash and pharmaceutical companies poured all their steroids into their profit incentive.


I’m good at math, so I have non of those concerns and will gladly take the vaccine, as soon as it becomes available to me.


I can’t get it because we’re hoping to get a child.
So, not 2 years before getting a child.

Until they make a new vaccine which doesn’t affect child birth if you get it before conception.

My fiancée can’t get it either, because it would make her unable to have a child for 2 years after.

So, that means I have to care for her while others are vaccinated,
which won’t protect them from contracting the virus,
and which won’t protect them from spreading the virus,
and which increase their risk of spreading the virus,
since they won’t be affected by symptoms from it as much,
and, since they will be asymptomatic carriers.

The seemingly fast creation of these vaccines can be accounted for by the technology used by some. The Moderna vaccine was created in 2 days back in January of 2020. They were able to do this because of the mRNA technology they used to create the vaccine. All they need is the genetic sequence of the virus, not any actual virus, in order to create the vaccine. Yes it was created quickly. Ain’t technology and progress wonderful. Yes approval was quick. Actually no vaccine has been approved by the FDA, but some have been authorized for emergency use. But the vaccines which have been approved have gone through rigorous testing through clinical trials.

If you have actual evidence of the vaccines being dangerous I’d love to see it. As would the FDA I would think. As to your concerns about drug mixups, and dosage mixups. Show me the data showing this to be a widespread problem and if it is we should all consider staying away from hospitals and doctors and anyone in the medical field really. Otherwise it’s just a red herring.

Really?! An actual risk to their life. Never heard our doctor tell us that before they gave our daughters their shots.

You’re more than welcome to have your opinion. Hopefully it is based on facts. Scientifically proven and peer reviewed facts. Because in matters such as this, those are the only facts that matter or hold any weight. I have faith in the science. I’ve not seen any solid data to make me have any doubts on the safety of the vaccines. I know people like to make the pharmaceutical companies out to be the boogie man, “they’re only in it for the money”, but please show me your evidence of that grand conspiracy. I’d love to see it.

What vaccine and what information are you basing this on? I’m just curious, because I haven’t found any reputable info stating anything like this.

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I’d like to think that everyone who did project discovery had a hand in making it possible. I’m gonna get it soon as I can. More so for the safety of my massage clients.


So no one gets COVID, and everybody gets a happy ending?


But do you have that much faith in people? You know that scientists are people right? You know that doctors and nurses are people? You know that pharmaceutical company operators are people yes?

Even science itself sometimes makes major changes and updates.

Not all shots are the same. Were those into a blood vessel or into tissue? Because shots into a blood vessel can cause sepsis. Also, please do a web search for “Cutter Incident”. This is not just to inform you about what can happen, but take note of the sources. Not even Wikipedia has a page actually titled “Cutter Incident” directly at this time. If you think there is not a concentrated effort to bury such information, you need to start doing your own hunts for vaccine injuries. The Cutter Incident was huge so it can’t be completely buried. But information about smaller incidents can be very hard to find.

You might also look up “Vaccine court” and discover how pharmaceutical companies are so privileged they have their own separate court with separate standards all around. THAT really says a lot IF you are willing to open your eyes. Demands for facts and evidence sound sensible and all, but admitting facts and evidence are being twisted and buried takes a stronger mind.

Strong evidence takes time to be realized. In Norway, 23 people died within days after getting the Pfizer vaccine. But that does not directly prove anything and its gong to take time and examinations to arrive at any clear conclusions. One thing I will say though, is that trials tend to be made on healthy people. Then they get approved and are given to sick people. There are good reasons for this but surely you can see a flaw there?

I never said it was a “widespread problem” and I am not sure of YOUR critera for what is one. But here, skip down to “frequency” on the page linked below. I cannot tell you anything exactly that people who have actually written papers on it can’t. But if you do a search for “dosage error” you won’t suffer from a lack of hits. Every shot has risk, even if its a small risk. Do you actually deny this?

If you’re suspicious then you don’t understand the situation. All of the vaccines have been through the standard safety trials and been shown to be as safe as any vaccine. The only reason approval has come so quickly is that sufficient R&D investment was made that the manufacturers could start work on one stage of the process before the previous step was officially complete. For example, starting mass production of millions of doses before final approval, with the risk that if it isn’t approved it all goes into the trash and the money is wasted. But all of that is financial risk to the company and its shareholders, not risk to the people getting the vaccine.

I would have to be on my way to coughing up a lung to get one of these vaccines.

At which point the vaccine is worthless. The point is to avoid getting sick (or getting other people sick!) entirely, the vaccine does nothing if you’re already infected.

AFAIK, your kid is not at risk.

You know incorrectly. The risk level is significantly lower for younger people but it’s not zero, and kids can still pass the virus on to adults. You give the vaccine to children to build up herd immunity and remove that route for the virus to spread.

SO, its clear you don’t give a kid a shot to try and protect some diabetic 75 year old grandpa who might die of a heart-attack tomorrow.

That is a complete failure of risk analysis. The 75 year old faces a serious risk of death or hospitalization, the child faces a “get struck by lightning while carrying a winning lottery ticket” levels of risk.

Only the high risk groups have cause for panic.

This is absolutely false. The risk is lower, not zero, for lower-risk groups and even professional athletes in perfect health have died from covid.


It shows how you’re trying to disrepute me,
but, if it didn’t show, how could I use it against you?
Like , by Fact-Finding you mean?