There is already a Covid19 Vaccine, What's your opinion about it?

This thread is originally intended for cloaky camping topic but its was a mistake so I change it to IRL topic. Some Covid19 vaccines are now in the market. what’s your opinion about it?

Dumb thread and if you want to cry about cloaks, do it in the main cloak thread.

why should I. Covert cloak is my gameplay.

I don’t know. It’s your tear thread, so only you can answer that question.

maybe i should just change the intro because I’m in favor of cloaky campers and ganking. Nerfing cloaking will affect my playing style.

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Maybe you should post in main afk cloak threat so people won’t instantly get angry and ignore anything you write.

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AFK cloaking is, by definition, not a playstyle. :slight_smile:

And now, as punishment …
… tell us about your day today.

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IMO this entire GOVID story is one of the finest examples of making [RL] mounts of [imaginary] molehills in history. IMO

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They started distributing it today, and people are starting to get vaccinated (today in the US).
Coronavirus is the new leading cause of death, and life expectancy is one year less than before.
Comparable times were the Spanish flu of 1918, and, World War II.

They’re looking at War Measures, military triage (methods), for medical reasons.

1 minute later:
2.9 million doses have been distributed, to begin vaccination of the first Tier of people.

3 minutes later:
110,000 hospital beds used.
300,000 new cases a day.

It’s good to keep a clock for cloaky campain or camping.

5 minutes later:
It’s a real challenge.
It’s not make believe.
It’s not fake news.

7 minutes later, at 18:18.

1 hour later:

LIVE: World Health Organization holds coronavirus briefing

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Yeah I don’t trust it, specially coming from China, where all their data is out of reach from any inspection. also vaccines have security steps, testing, witch takes time. No way a 6month time is enough to follow all those


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